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If There’s Somebody Who Can Advise About Sex – It’s Those Who Know The Most About It, Porn Stars (10 pics)

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“Treat your entire interaction with your lover like foreplay before sex. The texting, dinner, talking, drinks, snuggling — and form a connection.” – Tasha Reign

“I haven’t had sex with a normal guy in so long, I don’t even know. I’m trying to think back to when I first started dating my husband. […] I just wanted him to be rougher and dirtier when I first started dating [him]. I would just be like, ‘Just be dirtier.’ That was it. I didn’t have a problem with anything… I felt like he was holding back, or something.” – Joanna Angel

“When it comes to positions, get creative! I love standing missionary — one of my favorite scene partners always takes me outside and f*cks me up against a wall standing, both in our off camera and on camera time — I love it!” – Tasha Reign

“A move I’ve learned on camera that I wish all men knew: Eye contact, and how powerful it can be. While shooting a scene, I love to connect with my partner for the duration of our time together. Eye contact adds so much to that connection and makes the sex hotter and much more satisfying. Since it doesn’t require any level of skill or practice, I would recommend this to everyone!” – April Flores

“[For anal sex], we usually use Eros [lube] or organic coconut oil.” – Tasha Reign

“Having sex on camera has made me really good at threesomes! So many guys ask me if they’re hard to pull off. My No. 1 tip about threesomes is to always make sure that you always pay enough attention to your girlfriend during the sex. The lure of [a new partner] can be overwhelming but, be sure to remember who you sleep next to every night!” – Aiden Starr

“I personally enjoy the comfort of my own bed but it’s always exciting to romp outdoors if possible… very risky but can be fun if it’s in your front yard.” – Tasha Reign

“Make sure to go down on your partner and get her off, she wants to cum as bad as you do. If for some reason you bust too soon, though… come back and finish her off! No one likes to be blue-balled — especially not me! Implement a clitoris stimulator too, I recommend the Hitachi Wand… my addiction.” – Tasha Reign

“When I was 19, a guy was able to make me squirt for the first time on camera, using just his fingers, and a woman was able to make me orgasm with just her mouth. Proper fingering and cunnilingus techniques are key.” – Annie Cruz

“Be safe — get tested!” – Tasha Reign

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