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National Park Has Found A Very… Unconventional Way To Save Rhinos (10 pics)

Posted in Animals   15 Feb 2017   / 3439 views

Kaziranga National Park is a story of success when it comes to conservation of rhinos – but they kill poachers

So far, the park has killed 50 people

Rhinos are safe there – a century ago, there was only a handful of Indian one-horned rhinoceros

Now, the park hosts more than 2,400, which is two-thirds of the world’s population

However, more people were shot dead by park guards then the number of rhinos killed by poachers

These people all went after rhino horn, as they could be sold for as much as $6,000 for 100g

They are mostly marketed as a miracle cure for everything from cancer to erectile dysfunction

So yes, rhinos do need protection, but this has gone too far

National park’s workers can kill a person and get away with impunity

The question is, could this kind of punishment ever be justified?And how many innocent people were killed?

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What the hell kind of story is this? It's INDIA, are they not allowed to define their own laws? I can't figure you guys out. They have successfully guarded and reversed the falling numbers of an endangered species, and you're upset that the criminals are getting killed? Americans on the left scream for the execution of someone who kicks a dog, which is abuse, but shouldn't warrant death. These are POACHERS. Going after an ENDANGERED species. Kill the bastards.
salamoon 1 year ago MARK AS SPAM
"but this has gone too far"

yep, you are right.
Killing an innocent animal because of a fcking horn, and real risk of clearing the whole spieces because of it is way too far.