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Just Try Not To Laugh At These (44 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   15 Mar 2017   / 13363 views

This headless doll:

Stephen, with a “ph:”

These word mix-ups:

The most glorious face-swap ever:

None pizza with left beef:

This woman who is all of us:

This incredible Adele cover:

This yard sard:

This woman who accidentally sent a pic of Nic Cage instead of her résumé:

Lana Moonblood:

This awful advice from Amtrak:

Arson cat:

This dog who’s just trying to make a de-paws-it:

This psychic Snapchat:

This inspiring advice:

Merry Pringles:

This school play gone wrong:

This Jeopardy! edit:

This interesting conversation:

These closed captions:

This weird meeting:

This swearing dog:

This hilarious truth:

This dumb dog and clever bird:

These hurdlers without hurdles:

And this girl who slowly realizes she’s standing under a wasp’s nest:

This mysterious shadow creature.

This child who needs a spelling lesson.

This dog who sucks at Frisbee.

This kid’s face when his mom mixed up picture day with pajama day.

This health-conscious pup.

Arson cat.

This baby’s first hangover.

These celebrity impersonators.

The world’s worst crime.

This masterful pun.

This perfectly timed selfie.

This grandma who’s totally having a wonderful time.

This kitten who’s totally keeping an eye on you.

The scene of a crime.

This dog who is SO tired of Susan.

Instructions were unclear.

This lost-and-found poster.

This breaking news story.

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