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Cartoon Heroes Have Their Doppelgangers In The Real World! (23 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   16 Mar 2017   / 5944 views

This Ukrainian Judge Looks Like Ursula From Little Mermaid

This Old Man Looks Like Carl From Up

This Person Looks Like Linguini From Ratatouille

This Scout Kid Looks Like Russel From Up

Khal Drogo Looks Like Scar From Lion King

Nicky Minaj Looks Like Mrs Potato Head

This Asian Girl Looks Like Flash From Zootopia

Jean Sarkozy Looks Like Prince Adam From Beauty And The Beast

This Person Looks Like Hiro Hamada From Big Hero 6

Lisa Edelstein Looks Like Mother Gothel From Tangled

My Daughter Izzy Looks Like Merida From Brave

My Friend Looks Like Mary Katherine From Epic

Steve Harvey Looks Like Mr. Potato Head

This Kid Looks Like Andy From Toy Story

The Former Queen Of The Netherlands Beatrix Looks Like Merryweather From Sleeping Beauty

These Hyperactive Dogs Look Like Shenzi, Banzai And Ed From Lion King

Chris Hemsworth Looks Like John Smith From Pocahontas

Wilford Brimley Looks Like The King From Cinderella

This Lady Looks Like Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians

This Girl Looks Like Elsa From Frozen

Danny DeVito Looks Like Phil From Hercules

Prince Looks Like Jafar From Aladdin

Joe Jonas Looks Like Aladdin

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WitandWiticism 11 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
Danny DeVito looking like Phil was clearly on purpose since he was also the voice of said character.