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Here's The Brutal Reality Of A Mom Living With Three Kids (26 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Kids   23 Mar 2017   / 2962 views

Cuddle Time (Yes, In The Crib)

Yup. That's Poo

No Pockets? No Problem!

I Leave The Kitchen For One Second...

"Pick Me Up!!!"

Thanks For "Helping" Mommy Clean... With An Entire Package Of Wipes

"Diapers? I Don't See Any Diapers"

Can't Get A Good Selfie With The Kids

"Co-Sleeping Is The Best" Said No Parent Ever!

Oh, Thank You For Taking Off Your Diaper. Is That Poo Behind You?

Oh The Sweet Sound Of Silence Times 2

3 Sick Kids. Not Fun

Just 1 Family Selfie. That's All I Ask

Just Sit On The Stairs And I'll Take Your Picture. Not So Simple

The Cool Kid

Potty Training 1 Is Hard. Potty Training Twins Is Exhausting!

It's Always Fun When Your Kid Wakes Up Covered In Blood

Never A Clean House

Just A Half Of A Cupcake. Can't Be Too Messy. Ugh

Oh, The Sweet Sound Of Silence

This Is Not What I Had In Mind When We Decided To Have A Playroom

Did I Mention Potty Training Is Messy?

What Now?

I Just Want To Take Your Picture

Just One Piece Of Chocolate

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ejazzyjeff 7 month s ago MARK AS SPAM
Guess what, everyone that has kids goes through what she is going through, what else is new?
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