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These Are Very Easy Ways That Could Make Any School Or University So Much Better (50 pics)

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My School's Periodic Table

This Door In A Math Classroom

My Son's Homework Has A Barcode That When Scanned Takes Him To An Instructional Youtube Video Posted By His Teacher Related To The Lesson

My School Has Skateboard Parking

New Preschool In Japan Collects Rainwater Into Puddles For Kids To Play In

My Son's School Has A Vending Machine For School Supplies

My Cooking Class Has A Mirror On The Ceiling So We Can See What The Teacher Is Doing

How My University Is Helping Us Get Over Exam Stress

My Daughter's First Grade Classroom Has Desks With Pedals So Kids Can Move While Learning

Hate Getting Stuck Behind Slow People On The Stairs? My School Just Put These In Everywhere On Campus

Our Local High School Has Solar Panel Tables With Usb Outlet Ports For Students To Charge Their Devices

My University Has Coasters That Can Test Your Drink For Rape Drugs

This Japanese Kindergarten Is Built Around A Tree

Technical University Munich Put Slides In Their Building. I'm Pretty Jealous

My Kid's New School Has A Twirly Slide To Get Downstairs

This School Has A Slide Direct From Classroom To Playground. Childhood Dream

This Just Got Installed At My School. A Public Work Bench For Your Bicycle Compete With Tools And A QR Code For Common Repair Help

My School Gym Has A Complimentary Sunscreen Dispenser

School Paints Lockers As Book Spines To Create An "Avenue Of Literature"

I Found This In My School Computer Room

My University Math Lab Chairs Have Binary On Them

Lovely Counting Stairs

My University Provides Students With Dogs As A Stress Reliever During Finals Week

In Addition To Bike Racks, My School Has Skateboard Racks

My School Has A Nap Room

This Vending Machine At My School Sells Various School Supplies

This Is How My University Stops Thieves

My College Has Chairs To Help With Stairway Evacuations

This Stapler Is Mounted Outside Of A Classroom In One Of My University's Buildings. I Have Never Seen This Before, But It Is A Brilliant Idea

The Science Building In My University Has Periodic Tables

My University Puts QR Codes On Some Of The Trees So That Passersby And Students Can Identify Them

How To Encourage College Kids To Recycle

An Easy Improvement

Classroom Clock

My Windowless Classroom Has Fake Sky Panels In Place Of The Plastic Covers On The Fluorescent Lights

Basement Floor Of My Campus Library Has A Treadmill With A Computer, So You Can Exercise And Study At The Same Time

My Schools Propaganda Against E-Cigs

My University Has A Secured Charging Station You Can Safety Lock And Charge Your Devices

The Most Amazing Desk I Have Sat In In College!

Cool Classroom For ADHD Teens In Israel

This School Has A Water Fountain And Bottle Fountain

My College Has A Vending Machine For Violin Strings And Woodwind Reeds

Staircase At My University Gives You A Step By Step Calorie Burn Count

The Skylight In My University's Math Building Is Decorated By Fibonacci Spirals

This Machine That Detects Sound-Level At My University's Library

Every Math's Teachers Dream Door Mat

My University Has Marker Board For Walls In Their Library Study Rooms

My University Has Solar Powered Picnic Tables

My College Just Installed New White Board Tables

Great Way To Learn

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