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Hong Kong’s Rich Kids Are Showing The Real Definition Of Luxury (23 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   14 Jun 2017   / 4614 views

First, let's take at look at the cars.

There are so many of them.

And the kids certainly look comfortable driving them.

Here, user richard_xrx shows us all of his car keys.

This year, he said, "Santa replaced his sleigh with the 675LT Spider."

He called this post "Tuesday motivation."

They don't always drive, though. Luckily, there's the option of flying — only in first class.

User lunnybb looks really comfortable waiting both for flights ...

... and on them. Here she is travelling with Emirates.

This user took her time on board to take a "selfie with mom's diamond Birkin."

Meanwhile, user manyeeb seems partial to a helicopter ...

... while mattymattyc makes business deals from a yacht.

No matter how they travel, they visit some pretty incredible places.

We wouldn't say no to this seafood spread on the beach.

Their food choices are all pretty indulgent. Here, user herbertwhy splurges on Harrods afternoon tea.

Caviar obviously makes it into the mix.

This user even enjoyed some Rolex chocolates for Easter.

Champagne showers also don't go amiss.

Mattymattyc didn't seem to realise he couldn't eat his new, shiny iPhone for dinner.

Whether for travelling, dinner, or simply before they get behind the wheel, they make sure they're decked out in the best shoes.

00kevin00 has a whole lot of designer kicks ...

... while manyeeb's Louboutin collection is quite impressive.

What about the haters? User wseira says: "You gotta let negative people live in their negative little world with their negative opinion and their negative bank account." Charming.

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