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How Can These Not Annoy You?! (45 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   22 Jun 2017   / 8871 views

We, Too, Booked A Window Seat On An Airplane For My Boy's First Flight

The Amount Of Packaging Needed For One Small Pill

I Might As Well Just Shit With The Door Open

The Peel-Open Seal. Every. Single. Time

A Lonely Pepper Shaker

You Need A Separate App Just To Read Messages

I Ordered A Package For Next-Day Delivery. This Is The Route It's Taken Over The Last Four Days

Those People That Block Window Seats

This Deck

Woke Up Late To This Message. Alarm Clock, You Had One Job...

This Girl Soldering Her Hand In Stock Photo

Can't Hear? There. Now You Can't See Either

My Glass Isn't Centered On Its Stem

Somehow, I Managed To Go 5 Blissfully Ignorant Stair-Traversing Years Without Noticing

The Second Definition Of Literally

This Guy's Earbuds Situation Is Bothering Me On A Deep Personal Level

This Mad E Me Uncomfortable

Roommate Needed A Blank Trophy As A Prop...

All Three Of These Lights Are Off

Someone At Work Asked If They Could Have One Of My Sudafed

When Your Clueless Teacher Leaves The Cursor On The Playbar

One Pup Out Of Place

When People Do This Instead Of Just Replacing The Roll.

Don't Ask Me Why I Noticed This, But I Did And It Annoyed Me

My OCD Does Not Approve

This 10 Of Diamonds Only Has 9 Diamonds

I Instantly Lost Interest In The Article...

My Sister Always Leaves A Tiny Portion Of Whatever She Eats/Drinks So She Won't Have To Throw It Away

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