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Become A Fake Celebrity In One Day With Instagram (10 pics)

Posted in Random » Wow   10 Aug 2017   / 2689 views

Mediakix agency shows us how easy it is to create a fake celebrity by rapidly expanding their newly-created accounts and securing four business deals in the shortest time imaginable.


Instagram influencer marketing is now a $1 billion dollar industry, but it’s not that hard to become a part of it

To show how easy it is, marketing agency Mediakix decided to conduct an experiment

They set up two fake accounts and generated the entire channel content using free stock photos and organizing a one-day photo shoot

Then all they needed to do was to purchase some followers

“We started with buying 1,000 followers per day because we were concerned that purchasing too many followers at the onset would result in Instagram flagging the account”

“However, we quickly found that we were able to buy up to 15,000 followers at a time without any issues”

And how much does this army cost? Between $3-$8 per 1,000

“Once we had accumulated a few thousand followers for each account, we started buying likes and comments”

Mediakix paid about 12 cents per comment, and betweent $4-9 per 1,000 likes

Soon, the fake accounts reached 10,000 followers and then they were able to apply them for sponsorship deals

Credits: mediakix.com

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