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Amazing Weight Loss: Before and After (16 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   7 Sep 2017   / 3370 views

Tired of being overweight and all the negatives that come with it, Ronnie Brower determined to turn his life around. It worked. His motivation and dedication paid off as he lost an incredible 425 lbs. over 700 days.

Imgur user jsalsb lost 138 lbs. over 17 months.

Reddit user SethIdol started out at 660 lbs and at the time of the picture, he weighed 285 lbs.

Reddit user denovosibi lost 140 lbs. over 19 months.

Imgur user lilll lost 110 lbs. in 10 months.

This reddit user lost 185 lbs. in 17 months.

Reddit user sflannery86 dropped 211 lbs., going from 384 to 173 lbs.

Reddit user thackerslacker lost half her weight, going from 255 lbs. to 125 lbs over 27 months.

Reddit user Wilmolwin isn't sure exactly how much weight she has lost, but her results over five years of weight loss show that dedication pays off!

Reddit user Ashley3nb dropped 165 lbs. in 18 months.

Reddit user hannahmae1991 went from 261 lbs. to 115

Imgur user CupcakePanda lost 150 lbs. over three years.

Over three years, Reddit user JeffreyGlen dropped 410 lbs., going from 585 lbs. to 175.

Reddit user imlosinitnow lost 160 lbs. in 15 months.

Reddit user r1ptide64 dropped 235 lbs. over two years and four months.

Reddit user ArcticxM00N129 lost 144 lbs., going from 305 to 161 lbs.

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