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Facts About Boobs Make Boobs Even Better (15 pics)

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Two DD-cup boobs weigh around four lbs.

Arkansas has the lowest rate of Breast Cancer in America.

When getting hard, the nipples on C or D-cup breasts can accelerate faster than a Ferrari.

Gymnast have been known to under eat while over-training to subvert puberty and keep their breasts small.

Ancient Egyptians were the first people to document breast cancer.

When the first woman ran the Boston marathon, she was warned her boobs would atrophy and her uterus would fall out…

The modern bra wasn’t invented until 1919—when women needed an alternative to their steel lined corsets due to the war effort.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer…

… and men can get it too (but we don’t want to see pics of moobs).

Some of the earliest implants used unusual fillers such as: ivory, glass balls, ground rubber and ox cartilage.

A UK man was almost killed in 2010 when his girlfriend’s 40 LL breasts smothered him during sex.

85% of women who develop breast cancer will have no family history of the disease.

The Guiness Book lists the largest natural breasts at 70-inches around.

One in 50 women will have an extra nipple mistakenly identified as a mole.

Self-examination should be performed once a month beginning at age 18.

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