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School Scandals Are Pretty Epic Sometimes (20 pics) - Picture #4

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The girl who said her boyfriend knocked her up and got the whole school (kinda small town) to support her for being a teen mom… only for my yearbook staff and I to expose her pregnancy as fake after she gave birth to her “baby girl.” We were skeptical, because she was rail thin most of the pregnancy (until she had to leave school and go on “bed rest) and her ex-bf swore he didn’t have sex with her. So, one day, we reverse google image searched her baby picture and it belonged to a premature baby boy from 3 years ago that some mom posted on her blog.

This girl went even as far to SOMEHOW stage pictures in a hospital or a place that looked like a hospital, holding a fake pink bundle of nothing. Once word spread that her pregnancy was fake, she freaked out and created fake Facebook profiles of her parents and started using those accounts to harass everyone that was coming at her. She eventually pulled out of school and disappeared forever. For the next two years everyone kept speculating where she went. If I remember correctly, people searched around for her online bc she was a “model” in high school and found she moved to the next state over. But by then, everyone didn’t care. – theloveaffair

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