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Parents Who Never Bother Too Much (28 pics)

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When your parents are engineers...
...and simply very creative people.
"We’re good parents, I swear!"
When we see it in commercials vs how it looks in real life:


"Took my daughter out for a nice dinner."
— Daddy, will you leave some space on the chair for me, please?
— Sure, honey.
I told my dad that I want to be an ear for Halloween! No problem!
What a reaction!
My wife’s parents made her a cool Christmas stocking.
And the "Parents of the Year" award goes to this couple.
I am 28, and I live with my parents. Here’s what they gave me for Christmas this year.
I just wanted to teach my son to swim.
My parents are real stay-at-homes, but recently they sent me this photo from their trip.
We have just put on a new dress.
I bought a cover for my smartphone in an online shop. It turned out it didn’t match my phone, so I gave it to my dad...


Sonny, I am holding you!
My mom was having fun and decided to put the potatoes in size order.
I am 24, and I live with my parents. This is my Christmas present. I think they are hinting at something.
My dad finally got to know about my tattoo. Here is his reaction:
I thought I had bought a cool Christmas sweater for my son until his teacher explained to me what Santa is doing in the picture.
"9-hour flight to Budapest. No problem. We’re an experienced family of travelers."
My dad had been looking at me like this for 5 minutes until I saw his plate...
My friend went to the zoo with her daughter and got distracted for a while.
My dad didn’t have time to get balloons for my birthday, so he presented me with these. He works as a stomatologist.
Once my dad got drunk and decided to teach our dog to ride a bike.

No kid was injured in this photo session. Really, it’s just an emotional shot.

Credits: brightside.me

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