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Lots Of Curious Stuff Happens Literally Every Minute (25 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   19 Jan 2018   / 4506 views

Americans will eat 21 thousand slices of pizza.

Roughly one million people won't have their feet on the ground. (They'll be in airplanes!)

Urban Dictionary will receive 1 new word.

About 1,400 Uber rides will be ordered.

There will be 416 hack attempts. 12 will be successful.

18,000 matches will be made on Tinder.

The world will drink 45,000 liters of wine (12,000 gallons).

70 new web domains will be registered.

Seven new articles will be added to Wikipedia.

230 computers will be infected with malware.

300,000 tons of ice will melt in Antarctica.

40,000 dead skins cells will fall off your body.

Over 400 hours of video will be uploaded to Youtube.

Giant anteaters around the world will eat about 20 ants.

On average, your brain will have over 30 separate thoughts.

10 million cigarettes will be sold.

4.2 million videos will be viewed on Snapchat.

2,500 tons of garbage will be generated.

Your blood will complete one circuit around your body.

2,700 smartphones will be sold.

116 couples will get married.

2.3 million searches will be made using Google.

60 rats will be born under the streets of London.

15,000 songs will be downloaded from iTunes.

40 guns will be sold in the US.

Credits: list25.com

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