The Titan beetle is one of the longest beetles in the world – adult specimens can grow up to 16.7 cm (6.5 in.) in length. This beetle lives in the Amazon rainforests. Especially large dried specimens of the Titan beetle are sought after by collectors and their price may reach $600 and more. Scientists have never found a beetle’s larvae, but it is thought to be about 30 cm (1 foot) long.



This pug had been to lots of trouble before some guy saved the dog’s life and took him home. The man has had no regrets ever since, because even though pugs are always adorable, this funny pooch may easily be one of the coolest among them.


That Is One Hell of a Pug

Loggerhead turtle Kahuna spent two years in a marine life rehabilitation center after it had her back flippers severely injured in an accident. Now the treatment is over and Kahuna has been set free. The doctors attached a radio transmitter to its carapace in order to track the turtle as it swims back home.


Sea Turtle Goes Home After Years in Hospital