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Bath time for Hedgehogs (30 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Animals 13 Dec 2010   / 14459 views

Sweet little things taking bath. It’s a complete cuteness overload.

Bath time for Hedgehogs

Two Friends (10 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Animals 13 Dec 2010   / 11513 views

These two dogs seem to be the very best of friends. They seem to do everything together including eating, sleeping, and playing. They were born about the same time but then one of them grew up…


Two Friends

Hamsters Like Sushi Too (3 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Animals 13 Dec 2010   / 5460 views

This is some delicious looking sushi, if you like raw fish. Apparently, someone has a hamster who thinks so too. They are also very adept at eating it with proper table manners. They must have been good little hamster to deserve such a treat.

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Hamsters Like Sushi Too

Cat Clothes (22 pics)

Posted in Animals 10 Dec 2010   / 29677 views

These cats and kittens are all dressed up as other animals. The costumes are all outrageously funny and very cute and adorable. Also, they all appear to be having a lot of fun. But then again, cats are always playacting.


Cat Clothes

What a Fox!! (74 pics)

Posted in Animals 9 Dec 2010   / 9231 views

Meet some absolutely beautiful foxes. The parents and their babies live together as a family. Foxes are monogamous and are very close knit. They are playing together and eating together. They make a great family.


What a Fox!!

The Adventures of Hippo (7 pics)

Posted in Animals 8 Dec 2010   / 5240 views

Do you think this is a photograph of an African village? No, it’s not. Find out more after the jump.


The Adventures of Hippo

This Lion Wasnt Asleep Tonight (4 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Animals 8 Dec 2010   / 5604 views

This hungry lion tries desperately to eat an armored Pangolin but fails. This happened in Tanzania. Apparently the scaly anteater was too tough for the lion. Either that or the lion really wasn’t that hungry after all. Who knew Pangolins were so tough?

This Lion Wasnt Asleep Tonight

Holy Cow (5 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Animals 7 Dec 2010   / 13034 views

It seems that a farmer by the name of Jia Kebing noticed a small bump on his cow’s forehead when it was born. Little did he know that the small bump would grow to become an 8” horn. It is truly a unicorn cow.

Holy Cow

Animals Promoting Goodies (38 pics)

Posted in Animals 6 Dec 2010   / 5001 views

Sex isn’t the only thing that sells ads, animals do as well.  Check out how these great advertising animals coax people into buying products and services.

Animals Promoting Goodies

What a Good Dog (2 pics)

Posted in Animals 6 Dec 2010   / 8086 views

When seeing this photo the first thought I get is how dedicated and obedient this dog is. He is lying near the door to greet his beloved owner. But it’s not so simple… Why? Find out after the jump.


What a Good Dog

A Hit On The Internet (19 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Dec 2010   / 6567 views

Meet fat cat Giuly. She is the latest Internet sensation. Her owner, Chiara Bagnoli from Florence, Italy, uploaded her pictures to the Internet and they a became the hit. The cat loves to pose for the camera, is very playful and very lazy, but not necessarily healthy…


A Hit On The Internet

Woman from China Adopts 1,500 Dogs 200 Cats (18 pics)

Posted in Animals 1 Dec 2010   / 10633 views

Ha Wenjin is a real animal lover. This Chinese woman has quit her job, sold her house, vehicle and jewelry to take care of over 1,500 stray dogs and 200 cats.

At first she had just a few animals that she took care of in her free time. But as the number of her pets was growing, she gave up her career and devoted her entire day tending to dogs and cats. Soon she had created a real animal shelter, and had to find 10 people to look after the dogs and 2 people to take care of her cats. Many volunteers donate food to these dogs and cats that were forced to move to a new home, because government officials of China decided to reclaim the land where the shelter was built on.

Today Ha Wenjin and her pets live in Houyu village. Even though it is expensive and difficult to keep a shelter open, this woman has no intention of giving up in her desire to save as many stray dogs and cats as possible.


Woman from China Adopts 1,500 Dogs  200 Cats

Very Cute Little Ball of Fluff (9 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Animals 1 Dec 2010   / 6351 views

The photos of this little cutie were sent to us by Mateusz. He wanted these pictures to be posted in These Funny Animals topic but as there are a lot of pictures, we decided to make an entry. Thanks a lot for the pictures Mateusz.

Very Cute Little Ball of Fluff

Cuddly Cats (34 pics)

Posted in Animals 26 Nov 2010   / 8864 views

These are some of the cutest and cuddliest cats and kittens that you have ever seen. They are so naturally inquisitive and playful that they are a pleasure to be around. As similar as all cats are, they also have individual personalities.


Cuddly Cats

How Ants Are Born (10 pics)

Posted in Animals 25 Nov 2010   / 16858 views

This young colony of Camponotus has a queen and 17 ant-workers. Wanna see how the 18th ant is born?



How Ants Are Born

Pet Anteater (25 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Animals 24 Nov 2010   / 16130 views

Meet Pua, the pet anteater. These are absolutely adorable photos. Apparently Pua likes playing dress up, car rides, and Cheese Whiz. In addition to being a unique pet, he can also walk upright. Whoda thunk it?


Pet Anteater

Heavy Duty Doggie (3 pics)

Posted in Animals 23 Nov 2010   / 8777 views

Meet the world’s heaviest pug named Jia Bio. This heavy weight doggie weighs in at a hefty 46.2 pounds. He outweighs the previous record holder by an amazing 9 pounds. He is cute but I assume he’s not all that healthy.


Heavy Duty Doggie

T.V. Isnt just for Humans Anymore (78 pics)

Posted in Animals 19 Nov 2010   / 5857 views

Everyone loves their pets, and when you find your cat or dog watching other cats and dogs it is always hilarious. Here are some homemade shots of TV watching cats and dogs.


T.V. Isnt just for Humans Anymore

Pets Wizards (20 pics)

Posted in Animals 18 Nov 2010   / 5622 views

Some people loved Harry Potter movies so much; they started to dress their pets as wizards and Gryffindor students. These are 20 photographs of Harry Potter themed cats and dogs.


Pets Wizards

Amazing Animal Close-ups (42 pics)

Posted in Animals 17 Nov 2010   / 60564 views

These are some amazing close-ups of wildlife, taken by various photographers. Some of the animals in the photos are very dangerous. Wildlife photography is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. These photographers were very brave. 


Amazing Animal Close-ups

Druggie Doggies (16 pics)

Posted in Animals 16 Nov 2010   / 14994 views

These dogs all look like they are on some kind of drug or maybe they have been drinking. They have all the telltale signs such as lazy eyelids, sluggishness, and general slothfulness. I guess someone needs to call the doggie police.


Druggie Doggies

Elephant vs Crocodile (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 15 Nov 2010   / 11982 views

For a crocodile, it’s easy to attack an elephant when they have such long trunks.

Apparently, the mother was protecting her baby from a crocodile.

It feels like it is a common practice for crocodiles to attack baby elephants


Elephant vs Crocodile

California Kingsnake in a Fight with a Rattlesnake (7 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Nov 2010   / 11796 views

Now that's a fight!


California Kingsnake in a Fight with a Rattlesnake

War Animals (66 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Nov 2010   / 10649 views

Although most people probably don’t realize it, animals were used extensively in war. From pets to packhorses to animals that could go where a machine couldn’t. Every conceivable type of animal was used in time of war.


War Animals

Creepy Crawlies (22 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Nov 2010   / 7684 views

These are photos of spiders, insects and other creepy crawlies that were taken under an electron microscope. They were taken by Tom Jackson over a three month period. These micro monsters live in our homes, clothes, and even our bodies.


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A human head louse with an egg

Creepy Crawlies

Live Land Mine Detectors (13 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Nov 2010   / 7525 views

These rats sniff out landmines that are filled with TNT.  They are trained by a Dutch nongovernmental organization in Tanzania. Whenever they make positive detection they are rewarded with some food.   

For more information about these little sniffers you can check out our recent article we published just several days ago in our daily stare column 'Rats to Nuts.’ Now we have more photos.  


Live  Land Mine Detectors

A Duck in Need is a Duck in Deed (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 10 Nov 2010   / 5690 views

The famous proverb “A friend in need is a friend in deed” is not only about human friendship. We have paraphrased it, because it also refers to these two ducks that happened to swim in the same pond in Beaverton, Oregon (USA).


A Duck in Need is a Duck in Deed

Animal Photobombs (25 pics)

Posted in Animals 9 Nov 2010   / 14811 views

Photobombs with animals are even funnier than those with people.


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Funny Horse Photobombs (23 pics)
Hilarious Goat Photobombs (17 pics)

Animal Photobombs

Once He Was a Micro Pig (8 pics)

Posted in Animals 9 Nov 2010   / 16300 views

Melissa White dreamt about a micro pig that would become her little cute pet. On the day of purchase little Henry fitted in the palm of her hand, and the girl couldn’t even imagine what her micro pig would become in just one year.


Once He Was a Micro Pig

A Penguin Becomes Friends with a Baby Dolphin (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 8 Nov 2010   / 10674 views

This 10-day-old dolphin was injured by a fishing net and discovered near the Montevideo beach (Uruguay). There was no sign of the dolphin’s mother, so the mammal was lowered into a swimming pool at the NGO Rescate Fauna Marina centre. Local “resident”, the Magellan penguin, quickly became friends with a baby dolphin.


A Penguin Becomes Friends with a Baby Dolphin

Positive Emotion of the Day: Pets (22 pics)

Posted in Animals 5 Nov 2010   / 8182 views

Beautiful black and white pictures with kitties and doggies playing and fooling around.

It will certainly raise your mood, especially for animal lovers.


Positive Emotion of the Day: Pets
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