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Monkeys Ruin a Car (13 pics)

Posted in Animals 18 Mar 2011   / 7659 views

Don’t leave your car parked for a long time on the monkey territory during a safari. That’s what may happen to it.


Monkeys Ruin a Car

Incredible Landing of an Eagle (2 pics)

Posted in Animals 18 Mar 2011   / 7305 views

Can you imagine what would happen if an eagle flied into a truck’s windshield at 60 mph?

You can see it inside the post.


Incredible Landing of an Eagle

Riddle of the Day: Find a Cat (2 pics)

Posted in Animals 17 Mar 2011   / 5671 views

Hilarious Running Basset Hounds (21 pics)

Posted in Animals 17 Mar 2011   / 13062 views

These are probably the funniest running doggies I’ve ever seen. When you see them run in real life, you don’t notice their face expressions but captured on the camera you can see it all.


Hilarious Running Basset Hounds

Cats Are Real Predators (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 15 Mar 2011   / 9976 views

A real predator will always catch its prey.


Cats Are Real Predators

Cute Ribbon Seals (6 pics)

Posted in Animals 11 Mar 2011   / 7059 views

Meet the Ribbon Seal. They can be found in the Subarctic and the Arctic areas of the North Pacific in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. They are known for their black skin, which has four white markings; a circular marking on each side of their body that encloses the front fins and a strip around the tail and one around the neck.


Cute Ribbon Seals

Upright Doggies (20 pics)

Posted in Animals 9 Mar 2011   / 10867 views

These are some very cute photos of dogs walking on their back two legs. Although it must be most unnatural for them, they seem right at home walking on two legs. Either they have been trained well or they are part human.


Upright Doggies

Animals with Two Heads (17 pics)

Posted in Animals 7 Mar 2011   / 17666 views

These are a collection of two headed animals. They seem perfectly normal other than the fact that they have two heads. I have heard that many of these two-headed animals lead perfectly normal lives.


Animals with Two Heads

What Not to Do on a Safari (7 pics)

Posted in Animals 24 Feb 2011   / 37095 views

A very good tip for all of you who are going to do it one day.

DON’T follow an elephant very closely.


What Not to Do on a Safari

Would You Like to Be Woken Up Like This? (3 pics)

Posted in Animals 21 Feb 2011   / 8276 views

Imagine you fall asleep on the beach…


Would You Like to Be Woken Up Like This?

Those Pesky Squirrels (7 pics)

Posted in Animals 21 Feb 2011   / 4863 views

These are indeed some pesky squirrels getting into some public trash cans. Squirrels are opportunistic and will take advantage of anything that they think contains food. Bird feeders are one of their favorites but a trash cans will also do nicely.


Those Pesky Squirrels

Dog Fails (33 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Feb 2011   / 15304 views

Yes, dogs fail too sometimes but it makes it even more hilarious and cuter.


Dog Fails

This Crow Does Have the Guts (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 11 Feb 2011   / 7765 views

This crow is either very lucky or very brave. He doesn’t seem to have any seem natural self preservation instincts. His pal is not all that friendly. In fact, it is a bird of prey. He is lucky he wasn’t lunch while he was looking for his lunch.


This Crow Does Have the Guts

Airborne Felines (37 pics)

Posted in Animals 11 Feb 2011   / 10896 views

Cats have an amazing ability to jump very high in the air. And these cats are absolutely flying. Either they were scared by something or they are attacking some imaginary prey that is way up in the air.

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Airborne Felines

Animal Bandits (21 pics)

Posted by Erin in Animals 9 Feb 2011   / 6945 views

Animals are cute but they get even cuter when caught red-handed as they swipe food left unattended. These pictures show scheming animals caught with their paws and mouths stuck in bowls and cans as they give in to the tempting aromas of delicious food.

Animal Bandits

Nature Gone Wrong (6 pics)

Posted in Animals 8 Feb 2011   / 12068 views

To err is human but nature isn’t human so how does one explain this huge blunder in the form of an unlucky goat with a unicorn shaped horn instead of two regular horns? These pictures will have you doing a double take and believing in unicorns, or not.


Nature Gone Wrong

Bathing Monkeys (33 pics)

Posted in Animals 8 Feb 2011   / 10202 views

These macaques are taking a nice hot bath in the warm spring waters that are flowing in Japan. They have been coming here to relax and keep warm since 1963. These spring waters flow from Yakushimie, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Honshu.

Bathing Monkeys

Part Of The Dog Pack? (6 pics)

Posted by Erin in Animals 5 Feb 2011   / 4963 views

The case of Louie the pig makes gender confusion in humans seem so trivial. The nine-month-old pot-bellied pig is so convinced he’s part of a dog pack he happily trots through tunnels, leaps over jumps and weaves between poles just like a dog. A celebrated performer at agricultural shows, Louie plays fetch and even responds to his name – all very unusual characteristics in a pig. The ginger biscuit loving pig has been welcomed with open paws by his canine colleagues.


Part Of The Dog Pack?

Lovely Sea Creatures (44 pics)

Posted in Animals 3 Feb 2011   / 10252 views

These marine fish are called sea dragons, they are related to the seahorse and they are really cute. There are two types of the sea dragon: the leafy and the weedy sea dragons. They normally can be found along the southern and western coasts of Australia. The leaf-like protrusions coming from all over the body of leafy sea dragons and the weed-like projections on the body of weedy sea dragons serve them only for camouflage and not for propulsion as one might think.


Lovely Sea Creatures

What Does He Photograph? (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Feb 2011   / 13720 views

What do you think this man from London photographs with such an enthusiasm?


What Does He Photograph?

Drowsy Doggies (23 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Feb 2011   / 13541 views

These dogs must get awful tired when they eat. They all fall asleep in their dog bowls. Well, eating does make a dog sleepy. I wonder if there was any turkey in those dog bowls, since turkey makes humans so sleepy at Thanksgiving.

Drowsy Doggies

Covered Kitties (45 pics)

Posted in Animals 1 Feb 2011   / 5677 views

These cute little kittens are all covered in cute little hoodies. They look so comfortable and cuddly. These hoodies can be made out of anything but the snuggest ones are most likely knitted with a lot of love.


Covered Kitties

Find a Frog! (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 31 Jan 2011   / 26801 views

There is a frog in this picture, but you probably won’t find it. This camouflage is impressive!


Find a Frog!

Animals Being Cute (30 pics)

Posted in Animals 29 Jan 2011   / 14840 views

It’s so cute to see others being in love. But it’s more amazing to see these animals loving each other. They are really sincere in their feelings.


Animals Being Cute

A Unique Gorilla (7 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Animals 27 Jan 2011   / 12764 views

Meet Ambam, the silverback gorilla who lives at Port Lympne wild Animal Park located in Kent, England. But this gorilla is not quite like the others.


A Unique Gorilla

Going to the Dogs (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 26 Jan 2011   / 4659 views

This little French bulldog apparently doesn’t like being left home alone. His owners will have a very unpleasant surprise when they return home.

Going to the Dogs

Happy Dogs' Stories (60 pics)

Posted in Animals 25 Jan 2011   / 40043 views

Yesterday we had a post So Much for Cats’ Happy Ending that showed left behind street cats that found new owners and a second life. Today we’ll tell you stories about dogs that also have a happy ending.


Brand was left alone at home, tied to a radiator. He drank and ate his own excrements

Happy Dogs

So Much for Cats' Happy Ending (26 pics)

Posted in Animals 24 Jan 2011   / 13166 views

This is a collection of cats found on the streets, in kennels where they were waiting to be euthanized, vivariums and shelters. Love and patience can make real miracles, turning a street cat into a beautiful, happy and true pet friend.


Alex used to live on the street

So Much for Cats

Don't tell PETA! (100 pics)

Posted in Animals 22 Jan 2011   / 16089 views

Are chubby animals cute, funny, or just sad? Everybody loves rubbing a cute little chubby puppy tummy, but does that translates well into a fat crocodile being cute? He just looks like he ate the puppy. How on earth does a squirrel get fat? Is he eating styrofoam peanuts? Do you think the other animals in their species make fun of them?



Find Me If You Can (14 pics)

Posted in Animals 21 Jan 2011   / 6479 views

Mother nature has got a wicked sense of humor. She’s also fiercely protective of her creatures as famed wildlife photographer Alex Hyde discovered on his voyage into the world of animals that utilize camouflage for survival. The pictures are awesome and will have you wishing upon a silver star for the ability to blend in.


A leaf-tailed gecko

Find Me If You Can

A Brave Beest (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 20 Jan 2011   / 7536 views

This is a young wildebeest in Kenya who, against all odds, feigns off a hungry lioness who wants him for lunch. However, it only works for a while. Eventually the fight attracts the attention of a huge male lion…

A Brave Beest

The Smallest Pets (37 pics)

Posted in Animals 19 Jan 2011   / 23029 views

These are some of the most adorable and smallest animals that you will ever see. There are a variety of them each one cuter than the next. Some are so small they will fit into the palm of your hand. They are truly the smallest pets.


The Smallest Pets

The Riddle of the Day: What Are These Brownish Trees? (9 pics)

Posted in Animals 17 Jan 2011   / 8027 views

What do you think you see on the photo? If you think that these are birds, butterflies or locusts then you are wrong. The answer is inside the post.


The Riddle of the Day: What Are These Brownish Trees?

"Alligator Fish" (10 pics)

Posted in Animals 17 Jan 2011   / 24536 views

It is almost possible to confuse this fish with an alligfator by looking at the first picture.

This monster fish is called the alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula), is a primitive ray-finned fish.


"Alligator Fish"
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