Located in an arts park near Antwerp, Belgium, this bizarrely designed hotel is actually a popular tourist attraction. Shaped like a human gut, the creation is by artist, Joep Van Lieshout and is called, “artwork to live in”. Although it all looks rather odd from the outside, travellers come for the experience of it and a room at the hotel costs £96 pounds a night ($154) and includes breakfast and entry to the sculpture park.


Can You Stomach This Unusual Holiday Getaway?

This 12 storey building can be found in Willow, Alaska and locals refer to it as the “Dr. Seuss House” as a result of its interesting design. Although construction first began on the house 10 years ago, the 12 storey building has only recently been finished.


One-of-a-kind Dr. Seuss House

“Venus”, the yacht in question, was started in 2009 as a project by Steve Jobs himself and is a luxury craft designed by Philippe Starck in collaboration with Dutch company, Feadship. Steve’s widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, and their 3 children were at the launch of this magnificent vessel in the Netherlands, which has 27 inch iMacs in the wheelhouse to help run the controls.


Steve Jobs’ Completed Yacht Project Is Unveiled for the First Time

Israeli writer, Edgar Keret, is the first tenant of the narrowest house in the world. Built by Polish architect, Yakubos, the house occupies a thin strip of 1.2 meters located between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The house has two levels and all the basic amenities but in these cramped quarters, lodgers need to be sure that they don’t suffer from claustrophobia!


Not Suitable for Claustrophobics!