Whoa. Some people really know how to make worthwhile things practically out of nothing. Michelle de la Vega, a designer, artist and welder from Seattle turned an ordinary garage into fully functioning living space with a mezzanine. All the furnishings inside were either handcrafted or refurbished and the place was lifted up and slightly extended to fit the bathroom.


Old Garage Turned into a Little House

The design studio Paz Arquitectura from Guatemala created this spectacular house in a hillside forest in the Santa Rosalia area of Guatemala City. The house named Casa Corallo almost merges with the natural forest landscape. Tree trunks grow freely through the building, and the materials used for construction resemble those of the place around.


When you See This Place, You’d Love to Live There Too

Meet the Wally 118 Wallypower yacht. This technical wonder with a composite hull and black glass panels provides a unique combination of a luxurious interior and shapes of a special tactics vessel. The most expensive version of 118 Wallypower is propelled by three gas turbines with the total power output of 16,800 horsepower and its price is $33 million dollars.


Amazing 118 Wallypower Yacht

Business cards like these will definitely help you stand out against the background of less creative people, provided they won’t be confused with any other stuff.


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Creative Business Cards

These almost invisible figures are creative works of artist Rob Mullholland. Made of mirrored acrylic glass and meant to establish "a link with the natural forces" the sculptures look pretty scary, resembling aliens from the Predator movie.


Spooky Acrylic Glass Sculptures

Macro Sea is working to transform ordinary urban areas in a creative way. In 2009 they turned a junkyard in Brooklyn into a “lo-fi” country club and this pool made of dumpster was an essential part of it.


Macro Sea Dumpster Pool

This contemporary masterpiece is located in Beverley Hills and is ideal for a bachelor with means. Three bedrooms, maid quarters, a guesthouse, a movie theater and a top deck with a pool are spread over this gorgeous 8,300 square foot home.


Modern House Built for a King

This is a concept of a foldable house created by Spanish designer Martin Azua. When it’s folded, the synthetic cupola fits a man’s pocket. But once you need a shelter, you may instantly inflate the "House" with body heat or solar rays. The material is reversible and you may choose whether to reflect inner or outer heat waves and so keep the shelter either warm or cool inside.


House in Your Pocket

While some of these structures are much larger than a cabin, most of them are tucked away in the woods, far away from modern life. Some of these houses were built in unique locations and many have original designs worth checking out.


Unique Cabins In the Woods