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Losing 15 Stone in 18 Months (21 pics)

Posted in Girls 22 Nov 2010   / 34940 views

18 months ago Harriet Jenkins weighed 26 stone. On this picture you can see how she looked like back then. A lot has changed in 1.5 year. Inside this post, you can see Harriet’s amazing weight loss results.


Losing 15 Stone in 18 Months

My Boy, Look at Me! (3 pics)

Posted in Girls 22 Nov 2010   / 31795 views

Find out what girls can do in order to attract guys.


My Boy, Look at Me!

Is She Semi-Nude? (2 pics)

Posted in Girls 18 Nov 2010   / 37294 views

Focus on this picture. What do you see in it? Are you sure it’s a half-naked girl?


Is She Semi-Nude?

Izismile Babe Roll Call: Carole-Anne (5 pics)

Posted in Girls 10 Nov 2010   / 33822 views

After the popular posts of Submitted Sweeties, which were published last week, we began to receive emails with new photos from our charming Izismilettes more often. We are incredibly pleased to see such activity and the desire of our beauties to get on the front page of izismile.


So, I came up with an idea. Starting today we open a separate topic: Izismile Babe Roll Call (IBRC) and invite all interested girls to send any of your photos. We will select the most fit photos and will publish them EVERY SATURDAY on home page on as a first post. If you have your portfolio - no matter professional it is or not (the minimum number of pictures is 5), send them anyway, you’ll have a great possibility to see them on the site. Moreover, this post will only contain your pictures, it won’t be a compilation of all the girls that sent to us their photos. Big request, in your email, write a little about yourself: your name, age, what you do, what your hobbies are etc. in this case the post will be much more interesting believe me. And if you're super ambitious, write on your palm or just on paper I love IZI and make sure that this inscription got into the snap. We would be very happy.


Today, a beautiful girl from Canada Carole-Anne sent to us her photos. Won’t tell you more than this. Look and enjoy!


Izismile Babe Roll Call: Carole-Anne

Car Show Models (90 pics)

Posted in Girls 8 Nov 2010   / 22767 views

A selection of Brazilian models at a car show.


Car Show Models

Women Soldiers (30 pics)

Posted in Girls 8 Nov 2010   / 54093 views

These are female soldiers from various militaries from around the world. Although most of them are very pretty, I don’t think I would want any of them to be mad at me as they certainly look as though they can take care of themselves. They also appear very disciplined.

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Women Soldiers

Izismile Babe Roll Call - Zaiga (3 pics)

Posted in Girls 6 Nov 2010   / 14621 views

While I was doing this post, another Izismilette sent her wonderful snaps.

Meet Zaiga. Here is what she wrote in her email:

"My beautiful morning!

P.S. Love you Izi!



Thanks a lot for your submission!


Izismile Babe Roll Call - Zaiga

Rusty (5 pics)

Posted by jennifer in Girls 5 Nov 2010   / 14001 views

Another charming Izismilette just uploaded her great pictures.


I am sure that we have a lot more pretty girls on the site and what we saw till now in the compilation of Submitted Sweeties is only a small portion of them. Let's hope that after reading this text, the girls stop being shy and will send us their photos.


And now! I am pleased to introduce Jennifer. Here's what she wrote about her photos: "I've been visiting izismile for awhile now and I f$%^ing love you guys. Sorry for taking so long to upload pictures of myself."



Submitted Sweeties (23 pics)

Posted in Girls 4 Nov 2010   / 31005 views

We only have 11 lovely Izismilettes on the site now, but we would like to have more. We are always trying to add to our massive picture collection and pretty girls are always a fan favorite.


Check out the first set of Izismilette photos that feature our beautiful female visitors. I would like to thank all the girls for sending us their pictures. We want to add more Izismilettes to the site, so continue to send us your pictures.


UPDATE: Anita has just sent us one more picture, this time, the pic is very hot. Don’t miss it in the bottom of the post. Thank you, Anita!


Submitted Sweeties
Submitted Sweeties

Yesterday's Beauties (91 pics)

Posted in Girls 2 Nov 2010   / 16944 views

Our standards of beauty change over the years. While these ladies may have been considered beautiful in their day, I don’t think they would win any beauty contests these days. The thing that is most obvious is the lack of makeup.  



Miss World, 2010 (25 pics)

Posted in Girls 1 Nov 2010   / 12275 views

Miss USA, Alexandria Mills was crowned Miss World 2010 in Sanya, China at the Beauty Crown Cultural Center. She and all of the runners up were absolutely beautiful. I don’t know how much talent they had but they certainly passed muster in the looks department.


Miss World, 2010 (25 pics)

Izismile Babe Roll Call: Johanna HALLOWEEN EDITION (8 pics)

Posted in Girls 30 Oct 2010   / 22293 views


Since I saw you hadn't got enough photos for the "beautyentry", I'll send a photo, or two. I'll also send pictures of my halloweencostume as Katarina from League of legends, use them for another post if you like :)

Thanks for such a great and entertaining site as Izismile!

Best regards - Johanna Petersson from Sweden.


Thank you Johanna. You're beautiful. Do you agree guys?


P.S. Submitted Sweeties Selection coming soon. Send your photos at content@izismile.com and you can also upload your pictures directly to the site.


Izismile Babe Roll Call: Johanna HALLOWEEN EDITION

Lady Bikers in Russia (14 pics)

Posted in Girls 18 Oct 2010   / 21598 views

These Russian gals all have two things in common. They are all good looking and apparently, they like motorcycles. They don’t appear to be any different that biker chicks from any other part of the world but I didn’t know that the Russian government approved of that sort of thing.


Lady Bikers in Russia (14 pics)

The Tallest Blonde in the World (19 pics)

Posted in Girls 14 Oct 2010   / 25976 views

This 23-year-old blonde is one of the tallest women in the USA and in the world. Lindsay Hayward is 6’9″ tall. Her weight is 240 pounds. She can easily spin a man over her head before throwing him across the room. Lindsay’s fans know her as professional wrestler Isis who can leg press an astonishing 50st. At the age of 9, Lindsay was 6ft tall, and by 13 years old she had shot to 6ft 9ins, her today’s height. Still, despite her attractive looks and 38G bra size, Lindsay has so far been unlucky in love. Would you date her?


This is how Lindsay (at the left) looked like when she was 11.

The Tallest Blonde in the World (19 pics)

Cosplay Girls (23 pics)

Posted in Girls 8 Oct 2010   / 20315 views

Many girls, especially young ladies, love romantic stories and cartoon characters. Thus they dress up like their favorite anime and movie heroes, trying to make their fairy-tale dreams come true and give you a few ideas of possible Halloween costumes.


Cosplay Girls (23 pics)

New Selection with Emo Girls (35 pics)

Posted in Girls 8 Oct 2010   / 23776 views

Same style but different girls, here comes a new bunch of emo girls or ‘scene girls’ for you today. Actually, I don’t know which is which, for me, it’s all the same…Anyway, whether you like this style or not, some are cute and I like their choice of color.


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New Selection with Emo Girls (35 pics)

Would You Date Her? (9 pics)

Posted in Girls 5 Oct 2010   / 58465 views

Just answer this question after the jump.


Would You Date Her? (9 pics)

Girls from the 2010 Paris Motor Show (109 pics)

Posted in Girls 5 Oct 2010   / 16359 views

Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles is currently enjoying visitors, guests, new cars and models of the 2010 Paris Motor Show that will last till October 17. Even though the special exhibition is titled “The Incredible Collection 2: automobile manufacturers collections and museums”, there are too many girls at the show that attract men’s attention.


Girls from the 2010 Paris Motor Show (109 pics)

Make-up Miracles: Before and After (10 pics)

Posted in Girls 4 Oct 2010   / 50886 views

A new compilation of photographs that demonstrates how make-up can magically change women.


Make-up Miracles: Before and After (10 pics)

Tempting Thief (10 pics)

Posted in Girls 4 Oct 2010   / 21515 views

Meet the beautiful Kristina Svechinskay. She is originally from Russia. She is also a very capable computer hacker. She has been accused of stealing user name and passwords enabling her to steal large sums of money from both the US and the UK bank accounts, $3 million and $9,5 million respectively. And all this while she was a student in New York.

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Tempting Thief (10 pics)

Virginity For Sale (8 pics)

Posted in Girls 27 Sep 2010   / 115239 views

This Russian girl is trying to sell her virginity on the Internet. The funny part is that she only wants $5000 for it. It is not the first "virginity deal" on the internet, there were some others but the price was much higher like for example Italian model Raffella Fico who's been selling her virginity for as much as a million Euros. So this girl's offer makes it sound kinda cheap.


My name is

Virginity For Sale (8 pics)

Stylish and Creative Plump Girl (36 pics)

Posted in Girls 22 Sep 2010   / 14774 views

Georgina Doull, a woman living in Great Britain, has started a blog to show all her creations to other people.

As creative and stylish clothes for large people are not very widespread, maybe one day her creations will be sold in shops for other plump people.


Stylish and Creative Plump Girl (36 pics)

Make-up Miracles (25 pics)

Posted in Girls 20 Sep 2010   / 63692 views

How can make-up change a lady? Judge for yourself after viewing these amazing transformations of these women after the jump.


Make-up Miracles (25 pics)

Metal is not BAD (44 pics)

Posted by bartoszz in Girls 20 Sep 2010   / 25266 views

I would like to show that metal is not only a Black Metal and share with You My Metal Babies ;)

Metal is not BAD (44 pics)

What Junk Food Does to Girls (10 pics)

Posted in Girls 16 Sep 2010   / 115645 views

As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is the case here.

All these girls were gorgeous before going to the university and starting to lead a sedentary lifestyle.. The result is in the pictures.

So, less junk food and sugar, folks!


What Junk Food Does to Girls (10 pics)

What Doctors Did to Her (4 pics)

Posted in Girls 15 Sep 2010   / 33719 views

Hannah Orpin was an ordinary beautiful and smiley girl. But this tragedy left her barely recognizable after boiling hot fat was thrown over her head by a burger van worker in 2009. The girl suffered horrible burns (be careful, as you’ll see such a picture inside this post). She didn’t believe she could ever be cute again…


This is how Hannah looked like before the tragedy.

What Doctors Did to Her (4 pics)

Emo Babes (71 pics)

Posted in Girls 14 Sep 2010   / 53723 views

Dark colored or blonde, untidy looking or stylish, emo girls are still pretty and cute. They show emotions and try their best to dress up and take an emotional picture on the web camera.


Emo Babes (71 pics)

Girls in the Israel Defense Forces (53 pics)

Posted in Girls 13 Sep 2010   / 83898 views

Meet beautiful and hot girls who chose to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, one of the world’s most battle-trained armed forces. Females primary serve in the border control, but this job is still very dangerous.


Girls in the Israel Defense Forces (53 pics)

Some Fine Looking Cheerleaders (32 pics)

Posted in Girls 9 Sep 2010   / 28098 views

It is no wonder why guys stick around for the half time shows at sporting events. These cheerleaders at the FIBA World Championships provide a lot of incentive to stick around. Not only are they beautiful, they are also athletic.

The cheerleaders from Ukraine were less lucky though.


Some Fine Looking Cheerleaders (32 pics)

Summer Girls (79 pics)

Posted in Girls 7 Sep 2010   / 48355 views

A collection of hot summer girls from different cities of the world: New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Copenhagen and others. Pictures were taken by Gordon von Steiner who traveled to different countries and met many sexy and cute ladies.


Summer Girls (79 pics)

Banned Babes (19 pics)

Posted in Girls 6 Sep 2010   / 40615 views

These girls are from ReD Foxes Dance Team, Ukraine. They were supposed to perform during FIBA World basketball championship 2010 where Muslim countries also participate, but were banned, because audience thinks Ukrainian babes dress up way too provocative.


Banned Babes (19 pics)

Vintage Girl Bands (19 pics)

Posted in Girls 2 Sep 2010   / 33586 views

These are all-female bands from the past.


Vintage Girl Bands (19 pics)
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