There is a trend among Russian car customizers to lower the body of their vehicles in order to leave as little ground clearance as possible. Sometimes the results of such remodeling look plainly absurd.


Pimp My Ride: Russian Way

Based on the VW Transporter T5, DoubleBack VW is a customized camping van with the extendable passenger compartment that doubles the space within the vehicle. DoubleBacks are produced in Wales. Unfortunately, not only the size, but the price of the van is also doubled compared to the standard VW Transporter.


DoubleBack VW Campervan

Pagani Zonda F has been wrecked in Hong Kong by Dolce&Gabbanna CEO. After hitting a lamppost one of the world’s most expensive supercars went damaged beyond repair. Perhaps, some people should never ride anything but public transport.


Pagani Supercar Crashed

This guy will now surely be more careful when choosing a place to park a car. After he blocked the way for buses in the center of Athens with his sporty Audi A3, people tired of waiting in the jam found their own way of how to get past him.


Parking Lesson from Angry People

If you are a long time The Simpsons fan, then you have no doubt seen the plethora of vehicles used in the show. See what many of these cartoon vehicles look like in real life with these photo comparisons.


The Cars of The Simpsons

If you have extra $3,700 to spend on a car trailer, you might like to look at these baby copies of the real vehicles that serve as trailers.


Baby Cars

The L.L. Bean Bootmobile is the Ford truck-powered Bootmobile used as a promotional icon for L.L. Bean’s 100th anniversary. It does attract attention of other drivers and passers-by.


A Real Bootmobile