LEONARDO DI CAPRIO from childhood to Hollywood superstar (21 pics + text)
Full Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Birth Date: November 11, 1974.
Nationality: American
Birth Place: Hollywood, CA, USA
Education: Corinne A. Seeds University Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA
Center for Enriched Studies in Los Angeles, CA, John Marshall High School in L.A., CA
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Actor
Claim to fame: as Toby in This Boy's Life (1993)
She is 20 years old and she is well known as a singer and television presenter. Maybe all this thanks to her father, Hulk Hogan, but anyway she is already well known and she deserves it.
She is pretty and there is something charming about her, something attractive. So, I decided to make for you a selection of beautiful photos with her. Look.

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It is normal for them to gain weight and to lose it, to whiten their teeth, to make a facelift or even plastic surgery, well, to change their style completely etc.
And after that everyone's talking about it, rumoring and so on.
But sometimes there are really great transformations, for example Star Jones, an American lawyer.

Star Jones

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Doutzen Kroes is currently one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Her carrier debuted there last year.
The Angels of Victoria‘s Secret are the most known in the world and represent the products of the company.
Doutzen Kroes was also selected as "Model of The Year" on Vogue.com by readers. Today she is 24 years old.

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