A person could spend three entire months doing a lot of things, but one of those would hopefully not be airbrushing a fifth-generation Camaro SS. General Motors commissioned a specialist to add some serious detail to this overly patriotic car for the Camaro5 Fest 2011 in Phoenix Arizona.


Insanely Patriotic Airbrushed Camaro

Cappadocia Hotel is a 19th century Greek mansion that has six cave houses and thirty rooms that date as far back as the 5th and 6th century. It is carved into the Yunak Evleri mountain cliff. The Cappadocia Hotel is very luxurious and has incredible rocky terrain, cavernous churches, and elaborate underground cities.


A Cave Hotel

These are some photos of China that are some 200 years old. The photos provide a unique look at some of the nobility as well as the laborers in China and where they lived during that era. This is a unique observation.


Old Chinese Photos

New research shows that women are more attracted to men who have ring fingers longer than index finger. The report of the Royal Society Biological Sciences argues that women unconsciously reagirut warning signs at a high level of testosterone, such as a symmetrical face, a deep voice, and, oddly enough, long ring fingers.


Longer or Shorter

While these Porches, Ferraris, BMWs and Lamborghinis were meant to drive fast and handle corners at high rates of speed it is still depressing to see them destroyed. These cars are fine pieces of craftsmanship usually driven by people that can’t handle their power.


The Most Expensive Mangled Cars

The picture of bacon roses is quite popular on the internet these days. So if you like bacon and creativity you can try and cook them yourselves. Take a look inside the post for the instructions.


Making of Bacon Roses

On Saturday 16, in Novosibirsk, the largest city of Siberia, was the hottest day in 60 years. Forecasters recorded the temperature of almost + 24 °C (75 F). And thus the beach season was opened by skiing on and riding the bicycles the Ob Sea (artificial lake). 


Beach Season Opened with Skiing

These are what school lunches from around the world look like. The different kind of foods that are eaten by school children is amazing. What is considered a delicacy in one part of the world wouldn’t be eaten in another part of the world.



Worldly School Lunches

These are some rather tasty looking cakes. They look very tasty to anyone who likes the look of women’s breasts because they are all fashioned to look that way. All I can say is Breast Wishes.


Busty Cakes

The largest mud building in the world is the great mosque in Djenne. It is made from animal dung and mud. The mud bricks form the organic shapes. Frequently, there will be pottery, calabash, or ostrich eggs on top of it to prevent its destruction from the rain. The timbers that protrude from the mosque provide the scaffolding that is permanent.


The World

These are retro Cosplays that range from Worldcon to WonderCon from the 1970’ to the 1980’s. Cosplays have been around as long as there have been fans. It appears that people have been dressing themselves up in science fiction and fantasy costumes for a long time.


Retro Cosplays