It is not that easy to get a key to one of these rooms with bullet-proof windows, marble floors and amazing views of the city. The most expensive hotels in the world are waiting to be discovered by you.


10th place: Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

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We would like to thank our visitor Brian once again for sharing his exclusive photographs with us. Here is what he’s emailed us this time:

“Hi Izismile! Thanks again for posting these sissy pictures for me. I have had the best weather for wearing my girls ballet flats this summer. And of course you know I'm a guy. This is my fetish and thanks for posting these for me. People will likely say I'm gay! But I'm not. This is just a fetish. I'm a sissy male. Some people might say it's a weird fetish but there is no such thing as a weird fetish cuz a fetish is something weird already. Any ways here you go.


I do have many more pictures but I have just sent you the ones where I wear my ballet flats in public. Have fun!”


More photos of Brian:

A Man Who Loves Wearing Female Shoes (14 pics)

Man Who Likes Women Shoes (4 pics)


A Man Who Wears Ballet Flats in Public

The Anantara Kihavah Villas are situated in the Maldives Islands and boast some of the most beautiful scenery of any hotel on the planet. Aside from the gorgeous ocean views, infinity pools and relaxing atmosphere there is also the world’s only underwater restaurant.


Stunning Maldives Heavenly Hotel

You can find money trees in the forests of Great Britain. People hammer and bend coins into trees. It is supposed to bring them good luck, the like, or even cure from a disease. This tradition exists for hundred of years.


Money Trees