This rare photo of Earth was taken from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft that is currently orbiting Saturn. Earth appears as a small blue dot as it is taken from the outer solar system and is only visible when the camera is pointed towards the sun. This particular photo occurred during a total eclipse where the sun was blanked out by Saturn but provided enough light to keep Earth in view.

Earth As Seen from 900 Million Miles Away

Alan Friedman works full time as a greeting card designer but pursues his love of astronomy in the evenings from an observatory he has erected in his own backyard in Buffalo, New York. These brilliant photos are captured using a small telescope and Hydrogen Alpha filter which acts as a lens and streams images in the same way as a webcam would. Each photo is made out of thousands of frames of images that are then combined and adjusted in color and tonality to create a final high res photograph.


Amazingly Detailed Photos of the Sun

Those of you who dream of space adventures and conquering other galaxies will probably be surprised to know how immensely big our own Solar system is. The infographic here will give you an approximate idea of its enormous scale.


How Big Is Our Solar System?

Photographer Benoit Tessier visited the French company Sebbin laboratories that manufacture silicone gel breast implants. The company uses the method of digital simulation of sizes and shapes and the structure of “ideal breasts.”


How the Implants Are Manufactured

The Norwegian island of Spitsbergen is known for its Svalbard Global Seed Vault, located about 810 miles (1,303 km) from the North Pole. This secure seedbank preserves various plant seeds, duplicates or “spare” copies of seeds from gene banks from around the world, in an underground cavern. If the seeds are lost in gene banks, the Seed Vault will provide insurance, and in case of large-scale crises it will provide a shelter for them.


A Secure Seedbank in Norway

NASA tested a new five-segment rocket engine in the Utah desert on September 8, 2011. According to an eyewitness, “The earth trembled. Hot air was started. The flames were so bright it was impossible to look at them”.


22 Million Horsepower

These are transparent specimens of sea life. Iori Tomita is an artist and an undergrad who studies ichthyology. His work is the New World Transparent Specimens created through a lengthy process that uses dyes, enzymes, and preservatives. He is trying to show people the hidden side of natural beauty that they might miss normally.


Transparent Sea Life

Learn more about US demographics with these eye-opening maps that break down population shifts and racial and political changes throughout the country. One thing is for certain, major population changes are happening in the US.


Hispanic concentration:

Fascinating US Census Maps and Graphs