The 18-meter (59-ft.) tall statue of RX-78 Gundam, a fictional robot that first appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam anime series in 1979, has been reopened in Tokyo. The giant model was first exhibited in 2009 and then it was visited more than 4 million times during two months.


Full-Scale Gundam Model in Tokyo

This pair of thick cables with a steel cage powered by a diesel engine is the only access to the outer world for the village of Yushan in China. There are only 200 people living in Yushan and before the ropeway was built they had to walk for several days to get to the nearest village. The ‘high road’ is 1000 m long and is 400 m above the valley floor. It was built in 1997 and since then it has been operated by one and the same person who maintains the engines and manually applies oil onto the cables along the way.


A Cage above the Abyss

Preikestolen, which means the Preacher’s Pulpit, is a 604 m (1982 ft.) high cliff in Norway. Its almost flat top with a stunning view of the fjord and the green hilltops and valleys below is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country.


Incredible Cliff of Preikestolen

The swamps of Sudd in South Sudan are among the largest wetlands in the world. Located in the delta of White Nile, it covers the average area of 30,000 sq. km. During the raining season the wetland can extend to over 130,000 sq. km, which is as much as the size of England. The Sudd is considered almost impenetrable overland or by boat. The abundant water-loving plants form the massive moving blocks. The swamps of Sudd are inhabited by the Dinkas, one the Sudanese ethnic groups.


The Impassable Swamps of Sudd

Banyan Tree Madivaru is an amazing tropical paradise. Six tented villas on a private island with white sandy beach and a crystal-clear lagoon offer a holiday of a lifetime. The island can be booked exclusively for only 2 persons or to a party of up to 18 persons. The resort has a spa center, an all-day dining restaurant and lounge. The regular excursion here include sunset cruises, fishing, dolphin safari and manta rays sighting cruises. The prices start from $3,680 per night.


Luxurious Resort on Private Island in Maldives

Luxurious hotel Monastero Santa Rosa is located on the top of the cliff in the XVII century building that once belonged to a monastery. This splendid place in the little town of Conca dei Marini, Italy, became a perfect option for those who seek for a quiet vacation among beautiful landscapes. The hotel has 20 rooms, spa baths and the infinity pool. The prices of an overnight stay start from $675.


Magnificent Italian Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa

Kenneccott Mines was a thriving mining camp when the richest known concentration of copper in the world was found there in 1900. The development of the ore began immediately, bringing high profits to the state. However, the high-grade copper deposits were exhausted by 1939 and the camp became deserted. Currently the site is open for tourists who come to see old mines and abandoned buildings.


Ghost Mines of Kennecott, Alaska

A company in New Zealand offers tours to the piece of the real Middle-earth – the picturesque farmland that has been turned into the hobbits’ Shire and to the other locations where “Lord of the Rings” movies were filmed.


Take a Tour to the Land of Hobbits

The cave near Beijing that once served as a bunker for Chinese military leader has been turned into a bar. Through the entrance made in the form of the airplane the visitors get into a cold cave with old propaganda posters, maps and military ordnance.


Chinese Cave Bunker Turned Into a Bar

Showers of wine have been poured in Pamplona, Northern Spain, as thousands of people in red scarfs came to city plaza to celebrate the opening of the San Fermin festival. This celebration is famous for its fireworks shows, parties, parades and the running of the bulls, when hundreds of people run in front of six bulls down the narrow streets.


San Fermin Festival Revelry

This miniature Stairway Cinema is situated near one of the busiest bus stops in the center of Auckland, New Zealand. The aim of the project is to help people socialize by collectively watching a film while waiting for a bus.


Cinema on the Stairs

This mansion, located near the town of Aspen and the Snowmass Village in Colorado, offers a fabulous view of the mountain peaks. For $29.5 million one can get a luxurious and secluded place with 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and an indoor swimming pool. The total area of the mansion is 1190 sq. m (12,800 sq. ft).


Spectacular Mountain Mansion in Colorado

The Jumbo Hostel is a hotel located inside a decommissioned Boeing 747. It is located at Arlanda Airport near Stockholm, Sweden. The jetliner was fully sanitized and its interior and decorations were conversed to comply with the standard building demands. The hotel has 27 rooms, a “cockpit suite” and a café.


Sweden Hostel Inside a Jetliner

Despite the sky-high prices for land and realty there are still desolate buildings in Japan. This motel had been built in 1973 and was closed and abandoned in 1997. Separate stairs lead from the hall to each of the ten rooms and the interior is very similar to the “love-motels” where you can book a room for two for just a couple of hours.


Abandoned Hotel in Japan