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Daily Picdump [WEEKEND EDITION] (97 pics)

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Best Fails of This Week

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30 Year Gaming Collection for Sale (45 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Hobby 16 Feb 2013   / 9297 views

An eBay user has listed this enormous collection of games and consoles for sale at the staggering price of $550 000! According to the seller, approximately 50% of the consoles and 85% of the games are in excellent condition and some even come packaged in their original boxes. He will deliver to anywhere in the world. Any takers?


30 Year Gaming Collection for Sale

The World’s Hottest Girls (85 pics)

Posted in NSFW 16 Feb 2013   / 331733 views

The swimwear models of the Sports Illustrated.



The World’s Hottest Girls

Hilarious Screaming Animals

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Meet the Amazingly Talented Wood Sculptor (22 pics)

Posted in Arts » Beautiful 16 Feb 2013   / 9283 views

Livio De Marchi is a Venetian artist who can transform any ordinary piece of wood into a detailed and lifelike replica of everyday objects. He is fairly well-known for sculpting an entire house contents out of nothing but pieces of wood.


Meet the Amazingly Talented Wood Sculptor

Meanwhile, at Grandma’s Retirement Home…

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How Cute Is That?

Posted in Videos » Cute 16 Feb 2013   / 4497 views

This is a Namaqua rain frog and not only its shape is amusing but its croaking is cute.


6 Games of the day - Weekend Edition

Posted in Games of the day 16 Feb 2013   / 1290 views

Everyday we put 4 - 6 new games on Izismile.com.
But if it isn't enough for you, you can go and check out our game archive, we have more then 3200 games in there.
Super Rapid Gunman Gangnam Go Go Go 2
Icestar & Firestar Go Home Gangnam TaTaTa 2
Monkey Jumping The Game With No Title