I don’t know that the Indian people were ever known to be an industrious lot, but as these photos show, they are far from it. Now I’m not saying that all Indian folk are lazy, but the ones in these photos certainly are. But I guess if there is nothing else to do, why not?
A Normal Work Day In India (10 pics)
Some folks seem to think that their message is so important that they will do practically anything to get the word out. Take a look at the extremes the guy in these photos went to in order to spread word. Does kind of make you wonder what was so damn important though, doesn’t it?
A Man With A Message (10 pics)
The celebrity look alikes in these photos sure look like the real thing. It is said that everybody has a twin and I guess that it is true for celebrities as well as regular folk. They sure fooled me.
So can you guess which celebrity they look like?

Guess The Celebrity’s Identity (11 pics)
As these photos show, some people have what appear to be butts in their front. I have heard of women having boobs in the rear but this is a new one on me. It is certainly not a flattering look, although, unfortunately, it is not all that uncommon anymore. Apparently, obesity does strange things to people.
Butts In The Front (29 pics)
PainStation is a game created by two German designers. When you place your left hand on the Pain Execution Unit, you feel the pain of heat punches or shocks every time you miss a ball.
I bet these pictures will get you some goosebumps.

No PlayStation but a PainStation (12 pics)
We have all heard the expression “Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer”. Well, apparently there is some truth to the expression. Check out the questions and the answers in these photos, which are from Yahoo Answers. They remind me of another expression.. “dumb and dumber”.

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Ask a Stupid Question… (51 pics)
Ah remember the days of disco dancing? Seems from these gifs a lot of people do. Those truly were the good ole days. So let’s all get in the groove and dance. Let's shake along with the music; it's the end of the week. Happy Friday all!!
Disco on Izismile (31 gifs + music)
The stars behind the masks of the alien costumes we see in the movies are usually quite beautiful. What does Neytiri from Avatar really look like and just who is the human behind Darth Vader’s mask? Take a look at the photos in this post to find out.
The Face Behind The Mask (13 pics)
Police say that the man who has spent 20 years stealing shoes has finally been arrested. He has been charged with 15 counts of criminal mischief associated with 25 separate break ins, 25 counts of second degree burglary, and 77 counts of theft. In the shoe burglar’s house the Police found more than 150 boxes of shoes and over 200 pairs of shoes have been reported missing. I think it’s fair to say the burglar has a shoe fetish.

The Infamous Shoe Burglar (7 pics)
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Yeah, Jim Carrey and Evan McGregor made a great advertisement for their movie. Daniel Radcliffe was a little bit confused after what happened to him though.
Well, that’s how actors are fooling around sometimes. It is always funnier when they are taken by surprise n_sm_19

How Actors Fooling Around (5 pics)
Apparently, while taking a subway a girl pulled out a knife and began to wave it in front of the people. Everybody got scared and ran away from her. Then she started to peel an apple with her knife. Sometime later, she was later arrested and taken to a mental hospital... all because she was hungry.
The Knife Wielding Girl (6 pics)
Gophers are the cutest creatures as evidenced by these photos taken by Stefano Unterthiner. They seem not to have a care in the world and all their time is spent playing in their natural habitat. They appear so carefree and playful it should remind us all to take the time to stop and smell the roses.

Gophers By Golly.. (20 pics)
The sculptures in these photos are truly amazing. What makes them even more amazing is that they are sculpted entirely out of butter. The artist must really be talented and the temperature of the room where the sculpture was created must have been critical.

I Can’t Believe It’s Butter (16 pics)
You’re going to love these photos if you are a nature lover. These breath taking shots of nature photography were taken by various artists. Although there are numerous places on that have beautiful scenery few get to see them for themselves in person. To see the picture in fill size, simply click on it.
Mother Nature In All Its Glory (25 pics)
Zara Hartshorn is a 13 year old girl but unfortunately she looks older than her friends’ parents as she suffers from a disease called lipodystrophy. It is a genetic disorder which makes the supporting fatty tissue under the skin to crumble while the skin continues to grow. Such a condition is extremely rare and is diagnosed in only 2,000 people around the entire world. This disease is related with insulin resistance, a high triglyceride level, diabetes and fatty liver. Every member of Zara’s family suffers from this disease but her symptoms are more serious than her older siblings. The appearance of a 50 year old woman is creating destructive effects on Zara’s social life.

Why a Teenage Girl Looks Like an Old Woman? (7 pics + 1 video)
These photos show some mighty strange looking trees and some of them are growing in some very strange places. Some are huge, some are small, but they all are unique one way or another. The funny part is that some of them are growing right in the middle of a town. Have a look for yourself.
Strange Trees Growing In Strange Places (55 pics)

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You often see pictures from China on our site.
Why do we post them? Well, because lots of stuff that is going on in this Asian country, you won’t see anywhere else. The Chinese culture can be incomprehensible for us, weird and maybe something we can see as stupid, but hey, it’s their culture and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Today we have another story which is categorized ‘Only in China’. If a child is lost in a large Chinese city, then in 99,9% of cases his parents will never see their child again. Now let’s see how very caring parents deal with this problem in an extraordinary way.
I will tell no more. See for yourself.

Keeping a Child Safe (4 pics)
A female bear escaped from a wildlife park and was spotted near one Polish village.
Veterinarians that were called shot her with a tranquilizer dart. Then they were going to load the animal into the car and drive it to the zoo.
But during the loading, the bear suddenly woke up and rushed on her captors.
You’d better run fast

An Extraordinary Runaway (6 pics)