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Michael Paul Smith has created some amazing models of an entire city, complete with automobiles and buildings as are shown it these photos. The objects are all to 1/24th and are so realistic it is hard to believe that Photoshop was not used in their creations. Most people believe they are too realistic not to be fake. Michael is truly an artist and my hat is off to him. Job well done!
Real Or Fake?  (46 pics)
Atlantic City hosts the annual transsexual beauty contest aptly called Miss’ d America. As these photos demonstrate many of the contestants are quite extraordinary looking. They are quite elegant and it would appear as though they really enjoy their work.
Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder (7 pics)
American Muscle cars like the Camero seem invincible. However, as evidenced by these photos, they aren’t. Although the driver managed to walk away with only a scratch on the head, the beautiful car wasn’t so lucky. It is amazing that a pole can cause so much damage.
Camaros And Poles Are A Bad Combination (3 pics)

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These pictures of an unbelievable flying car were sent to us by our visitor Beatriz Sturla. Thanks a ton :)
Did anybody imagine that cars could ever fly? Here is the Terrafugia Transition that combines the unique convenience of being able to fold its wings with the ability to drive on any road in a modern personal airplane platform. Stowing the wings for road use and deploying them for flight at the airport is activated from inside the cockpit. Moreover you do not need a trailer or a hangar for it. You can get this by paying $194,000.
See after the jump the wonders of technology.

Flying cars are No More Imaginary Now (28 pics + 2 videos)
A half an hour of fire massage will not only relax your body but also improve the immune system and reduce body fat. This Tibetan art can even prevent and treat the cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease. So why don’t you try this scary but painless relaxing massage.

Relax With Fire (8 pics)
Once again out charming visitor Rachel Hoffman sent us another collection with sexy guys.
Thank you Rachel. You are our inexhaustible source for pictures with sexy men :))

This time, it is an answer to our recent post Hot Girls with iPhones. Here’s what Rachel wrote: “iPones have never been sexier, until a hot man got a hold of one!!”
Well, girls, enjoy this selection!

Hot Guys with iPhones (34 pics)
Monkeys are truly amazing animals. There high wire antics as shown in these photos prove that. They have extraordinary balancing ability and seem to defy gravity. It would appear that only their amazing skill and the grace of the monkey that keep them aloft.
Monkey Business (11 pics)
Have you missed on any Star Wars movies; this collection of pictures can surely make up for that. Apart from the figurines of your favorite characters, this album shows space ships as well as Lego sets. The collection has all the characters that were ever made in Star Wars movies and so you can remake the entire saga with your story line.
So Stars Wars fans, what are you waiting for? A simple click will get you into the world of Star Wars.

Incredible Collection for Star Wars Fans (143 pics)
The funny statistics represented in these photos cleverly reflect the reality of life very precisely. They are to the point, and extremely humorous. It is actually amazing how accurate these statistics really are.

Funny Statistics (43 pics)

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There are some naughty girls on the Russian police force. I would love to get arrested by the beautiful police woman in these photos. I imagine getting frisked by her would be quite an adventure. It would surely be interesting to find out!!

Naughty Russian Police Girls (9 pics)
After every six months, the land of the western desert of Arizona hosts the ‘Big Sandy Shoot’ event that lasts for three long days. If you are a shooting freak then do not miss on this exhibition as it has so much lined up for you. You get to see every kind of weapons such as machine guns, bazookas and a lot more. The approximate 3.5 million rounds fired certify the Big Sandy Shoot to be the world’s biggest shooting event. So what are you waiting for? Just pay $230 and experience the world’s best shooting experience.

Experience World's Class Shooting (24 pics + 3 videos)
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One young couple moved to the apartment of their laws due to their financial problems and all this economic downturn. The pictures are very expressive and will tell it all themselves…Take a look. Oh well, as long as you don’t entertain guests, no one else has to know; unless, of course, they see these pictures.

Would You Live in This Apartment? (8 pics)
These photos are of yet another Russian guy trying to be cool by capturing the Internet social scene through the use of his Photoshop skills. I don’t know if these photos in the Russian social networking sites make the guy any more popular with the ladies but I fully expect him to fail. They are certainly interesting, however.
Another Cool Russian Guy (18 pics)
The vehicle in these photos depicts a rather unique vehicle. It will go anywhere and do practically anything and it is homemade. The guy who built it also has a very different idea when it came to how to warm its occupants from that nasty Russian weather.
A Homebuilt Russian Hummer (29 pics)
The 'Tough Guy' competition is held annually in Perton, Staffordshire in which thousands of men participate and prove their strength. We showed pictures of how was going the ‘Tough Guy Race’ last year and here are some fresh pics that show you that it is not easy to get on this race and it was even tougher this time. Hold your breath and have a look.

A Race over Your Fears (35 pics + 1 video)
After the appearance of this epic science fiction film, everyone has gone crazy. Nearly everyone is either talking about Avatar, writing about it, or showing it to anyone who will watch it. Now Avatar has also begun to conquer the Internet.
The first steps in this direction are the emergence of the first celebrity photomontages depicted as avatar characters.
I have gathered one such celebrity collection especially for you. I liked how many famous people were transformed. For some it would be better to stay this way :).
Have you already made you avatar photo?

Katy Perry
AVATAR Addiction (35 pics)
George and Laura Bush
AVATAR Addiction (35 pics)
It appears from the photos that this couple decided to get married in a very unusual place very far away from their home, not to make a traditional marriage like the others with the same kind of pictures. If it is isolation the couple wanted, they certainly achieved that. The location is the beautiful Altiplano high plains located in west central South America. The temperature rises till +40°C during the day and goes down till -5°C at night. Sunburns are easy to get over there and it is extremely hard to breath. It is the first time I have seen wedding pictures taken there, so they may be the first couple ever to be married there. It is quite a beautiful location, however, lonely, save for the spouse, but beautiful.
Check these marvelous wedding pictures after the break.

The Most Beautiful Wedding in a Lost Corner of the Earth (8 pics)