When times are tough, the tough get creative. We have already posted photos of a Heart Attack Grill using nurses as waitresses and now a restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan uses with a hospital theme and some very attractive “nurses” to bring the “patients” their “prescriptions”. It would appear that the customers are all enjoying themselves, don’t you agree? I think I would certainly enjoy a meal there myself.

Nurses Can Serve Food Too (13 pics)
Some Russian sailors who were serving on submarines have noticed that Polar Bears prefer to eat bread. In fact, as depicted in these photos, they like it enough that they are willing to risk their lives jumping from one piece of ice to another in an effort to get close to the submarine so they can beg for more bread. Who’da thunk it?

Polar Bears Prefer Bread, Who Knew? (5 pics)
Some photographs are precious, some are beautiful, and some remind us of days gone by. These are meant to show the more amusing aspects of everyday life. From the mundane to the hilarious and everything in between these photos depict the life of normal people doing some ridiculous and very humorous things. Although we have all been caught doing things that would be considered downright knee slapping funny, were are usually lucky in that no one had a camera around. These folks weren’t so lucky.
Life In The Funny Lane (44 pics)
Life In The Funny Lane (44 pics)
Meet Hercules, a 900lbs liger. He is truly a magnificent beast born to a lion father and a tigress mother. He is 12ft. long and measures up to 4.5ft at the shoulder and almost 6ft at the tips of his ears, so you can imagine how huge he is.
The pictures were shot for a commercial on the London streets where you can see that Hercules is quite capable of reaching out to the top of the British Double Decker bus and he looms easily over the traditional black cabs.
If you thought of having such an animal at your place, think twice, because you’ll need to feed him with 25lbs of meat and a gallon of water a day ;)
Apparently, ligers are not very healthy due to the mixture of genes of different species, but Hercules seems just fine to me.

Do You Usually Bump into Ligers on London Streets? (7 pics)
Emo girls surely do know how to carve a fashion statement of their own. They seem to have their own kind of feet fetish and the love to wear fancy shoes. Though not widely accepted, I do find them really cute. If you like tattoos, piercings, hair colors and dark eyelashes you’ll adore this huge selection.
Do Emo Girls Appeal You? (75 pics)
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Some stars appear to be so picture perfect when they are at award shows or on the Red Carpet that they appear to be made of wax. It can be nearly impossible to tell the real person from their wax double. These wax look alikes have fooled experts and celebrity followers alike. Can you tell the difference between the real celebrity and the wax double? We doubt it.

Paris Hilton
Real or Wax (49 pics)
Every woman has her own beauty secrets which she shares with no one. In these photos you will see some of those secrets in action and the regular women who employ them with amazing results. Whether it is the application of eye shadow or blush you can see for yourself the transformation of these ordinary looking women into extraordinary beauties. It is all the result of the magic of makeup. You too can use these techniques to enhance your beauty.
The Magic Of Makeup (25 pics)
Do animals have bigger hearts than what we do? They seem to accept differences more easily when compared to us humans. Probably we’ll need to pick a leaf or two from their books to learn about harmony.
Anyways, just check these photographs and you will understand what I mean. Most of the photographs are really cute. Some of them are too funny where the animals, especially of different species, try to make out with each other and even more… ;)

Best Buddies but Yet So Different (50 pics)
It was once said that “there is a sucker born every minute”. That would appear to be true based on the photos in this post. Not only are the companies advertising these ridiculous items but it would seem that they are at least selling enough of them to pay for the advertising at least. It has also been said that if you build a better mousetrap people will beat a path to your door. That may also be true, but who said these ridiculous items represented a better mousetrap?

Ridiculous Items for sale (35 pics)
The photos in this post are old and have obviously been seen by many people, they still do an excellent job of conveying the very atmosphere and realities of winter which is harsh and merciless. In winter, nothing is sacred, not on land or at sea. It is a brutal reality that we all must face every year. Is it any wonder why so many people despise this time of year? On the other side of that coin however is that it does provide some beautiful land and seascape for our viewing pleasure.

The Best Oldies On The Internet (18 pics)
Ever notice how celebrities take such great photographs. It is a complete mystery if this phenomena is the result of the photographers ability or the amazing talent of the celebrities to know how to look and pose perfectly or a combination of the two but the results speak for themselves as these photos demonstrate. Regardless whether it is a glamour shot or just a shot of the celebrity doing something they do every day, they always seem to have the ability to be perfectly posed. Don’t you agree?
Celebrities Take Great Photographs (66 pics)
If you live in New York City, you may find some very controversial fliers which provide the details on how to shoot heroin complete all the tips on how to prep the dope and inject it into your arm. In other words, they released a Junkie’s Guide. I can even picture a good advertisement for it; “Want to try some heroin, but you’re scared? Well don’t worry, ‘The Junkie’s Guide’ will teach you how to do it safely.” I know many of you may not agree with me, but as for me, this is a complete bullsh*. What will be next, a Suicide Guide?

How To Drug Yourself Into Submission Without Killing Yourself (12 pics)
This is the strangest fence which I’ve ever come across and you’ll see thousands of bras tied to it. The varieties of the bras are simply overwhelming. Different designs, different sizes, some are even super size. You’re asked to strictly donate only your bras out there.
I wonder what the women of that place wear ;)

Have You Ever Been Asked To Donate Your Bra? (9 pics)
It must be something in their genes. Supermodels like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell simply get prettier and prettier as time goes on. How is that possible? It has been over ten years since these top models first made the scene and they are absolutely as gorgeous as they were the day they got into the business. There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t age like the rest of us but for some reason they don’t. Their beauty is difficult, if not impossible to kill.

Tyra Banks
Supermodels Just Don’t Age (22 pics)
Who said all street fighters had to be the macho types. There is such a thing as female street fighters and they are beautiful when they are dressed in their street fighting costumes. The costumes are rather skimpy which makes them all the more appealing. Although the ladies in these photos are certainly beautiful, they also look like they could handle themselves in a street fight…

Beautiful Street Fighter Costumes (45 pics)
It is a natural fact that all kids love candy. However, is also a fact that not all kids have the luxury of being able to eat candy or in many cases even enough food to eat. People who live in third world and other poor countries simple don’t have enough money to be able to afford such luxuries as candy for their children. They are lucky if they can afford a roof over their heads and food to eat. That is why there is candy for some, but not all n_sad
Candy For Some, But Not All (8 pics)
It is not the cookies on a computer which I’m talking about. Little did Lady Gaga know when she made a statement that her celebrity popularity could want to make the people taste her and lick her, somebody was making serious notes.
That somebody happened to be an interesting couple who hail from Florida. They have made it possible for the world to literally take a bite at Lady Gaga or lick her in the real sense. The cookies have just about captured most of Lady Gaga’s celebrity moments.
Talk about taking the statements so seriously :)

Lady Gaga and the Cookie Thought (52 pics)
It is not uncommon for many office employees suffer from excessive weight gain because they sit down all day while working and thus get no exercise. However, in America, there is a new type of environment is emerging which tries to address this problem. Check out the photo and you will see what the solution is. If you go inside the post you can also find more pictures.
Are You Gaining Weight As A result Of Your Sit Down Office Job? (21 pics)
During a cast call there are numerous activities that go on. First the beautiful women arrive dressed in their street garb. Next, they go through an amazing transformation. After hair, makeup, and wardrobe they emerge looking glamorous and very much like the movie stars and models they truly are. The women of Belarus are truly beautiful. After they have their picture taken from every angle imaginable, they have a quick meal and then return to their street clothes to go home and await that every so important phone call that will inform them if they made the cut or not. If not, another casting call awaits them.

Casting Call (38 pics)
Cabins of Boeing 747 airplanes at Air New Zealand have been seriously updated. The majority of the changes have been made to both the premium economy and the economy sections. The changes include eleven rows of Skycouches which can be converted into twin flat beds suitable for two people. However, you can also find iPod connectors, power sockets, and USB ports in each and every single coach seat.

Really First Class (18 pics)
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A Floating Instrument Platform (FLIP) ship is a floating instrument platform and manned research vessel that is 355 feet long. The FLIP has been widely used to study the acoustics of whales and other marine mammals, the effects of seismic waves on the water, and heat exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean. It works by being towed out to sea and having one end submerged. The instruments and crew are located in a portion of the ship that remains above the surface of the ocean. This giant ship is most impressive.

Giant Ship For Whale Watching  (5 pics + 1 gif)
It is absolutely amazing how cats are able to get themselves in so much trouble. If there weren’t photos to prove it no one would believe such a thing. However, as these photos show, cats manage to get themselves in some unbelievable predicaments. While it is possible to stage a photo of a cat in a most comprising situation, these photos prove that you never know what kind of trouble your cat can get into if left to their own devices.

The Cat’s Meow..Ouch (24 pics)