In early June, the volcano Puyheue in southern Chile started erupting volcanic ash. The president of Argentina announced that the residents, who were affected by the ash in the southwest region of Patagonia, will be provided with humanitarian assistance. And already on July 1st, the ash in the atmosphere prevented a flight from leaving the airport in Buenos Aires.

Here are the lands that got covered with ash.


Covered in Ash

A calf jumps into the arena after the first running of the bulls at the San Fermin fiestas in Pamplona [Telegraph]


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These are pictures of some of the containers that hold a considerable amount of jellyfish that have been cleared from the Orot Rabin power station in Hadera, Israel. These jellyfish had blocked the water supply to the power station.


Clogged By Jellyfish

These are weapons that have been confiscated from the Mexican drug cartels. Nearly all of the weapons that the drug cartels obtain come from the US since weapons are illegal in Mexico. Many people believe that we could end much of the drug war by legalizing marijuana.


Drug Weapons

Apparently those police bomb uniforms work really well because the guy in this bomb suit survived the trunk blast. Separatist militants were behind this bomb in southern Thailand. Maybe next time they should send in one of those bomb sniffing robots.


Incredible Thailand Car Explosion

Meet 26 year old James who is from Fort Worth, Texas. He weighed almost 700 pounds just one year ago. He was facing death and had a hernia. However with the help of his trainer Chris Powell, he lost an amazing 313 pounds in just one year.


An Amazing Loss of Weight

This is a guard of the Greek parliament who stands still, even after the police used tear gas right next to him. The picture dates back to 2007, but still it's quite impressive.


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This cool project was conducted by Matthew McVickar. He attached a disposable camera to a cardboard, and taped on instructions for mail employees on the package to take pictures with it along the way to it's destination.


Disposable Camera Mail Project

A Hindu devotee applies kohl on his eyes with a knife held between his legs as he performs a stunt during a rehearsal for the 134th annual Rath Yatra, or chariot procession, in Ahmedabad, India [Telegraph]


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Regardless if you like them or not violent video games are here to stay. Most kids think that the more violent they are the better. These are some of the most violent video games ever made.


Violent Video Games

Japanese science whizzes have invented a pot that charges your cell phone when you boil water. TES NewEnergy developed the technology for emergencies like earthquakes.


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If you reach 10,000 bottles of beer in the famous drinking song then you have incredible endurance, but if anything happens to those bottles along the way then you will be in big trouble. See how much trouble these thousands of beer bottles caused.


Croatian Beer Bottles Meet Their Maker