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How to Easily Fake Traveling (11 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel 12 Sep 2014   / 8369 views

Zilla Van Den Borne made her friends and family believe she was traveling in Asia but in fact, she didn't even move from her place in Amsterdam.So why did she do that, well, it was part of a university project involving photo editing with Photoshop.

How to Easily Fake Traveling

A One-of-a-kind Hotel in a Gigantic Crane (15 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel 13 Aug 2014   / 3690 views

The Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel in Harlingen, Amsterdam is built in old construction cranes but is stunning inside and ultra-modern too.


A One-of-a-kind Hotel in a Gigantic Crane

A Movie Club with a Twist (37 pics)

Posted in NSFW 16 Apr 2014   / 5165 views

When you go out to watch a movie at night in Amsterdam, you have the choice to make this experience a little sexier.


A Movie Club with a Twist

Cool Conversion: Redbull Turns Shipping Hard into State-of-the-art Offices (25 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design 17 Nov 2012   / 7340 views
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Red Bull wanted their Amsterdam offices to capture the true essence of the brand. Sid Lee Architecture was hired to design these new Amsterdam headquarters and chose a former shipping yard as their location. The offices are built inside the shipbuilding factory’s bays and the completed design is both modern and edgy.


Cool Conversion: Redbull Turns Shipping Hard into State-of-the-art Offices

So Many Girls on a ‘Beerbike’, These Guys Couldn’t Resist!

Posted in Videos » Funny 15 Aug 2012   / 9088 views

They couldn’t resist the appeal of buttocks


WTF Amsterdam Guy (3 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Random » WTF 19 Apr 2012   / 13012 views

Can there be any more grotesque figure than this person strolling along the street in Amsterdam?


WTF Amsterdam Guy

Amsterdam Red Light District Girls Gone Wild

Posted in Videos » Informative 5 Apr 2012   / 18968 views

But not in the way you think…

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Apparitions from Amsterdam (12 pics)

Posted in Pictures 13 Jan 2011   / 7403 views

This post is some photos of what appear to be ghosts in Amsterdam. Historical consultant, Jo Teeuwisse located some negatives of World War II photos of Amsterdam at a flea market and then merged them with some more recent shots that she took. It was her way to honor those who came before us.

Jo was inspired by pictures of Sergey Larenkov who used this technique to superimpose old pictures of the Siege of Leningrad during the WW II with the recent pictures he took of the same places where the siege took place. 

Apparitions from Amsterdam

Street Trash Cans in Amsterdam (2 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Pictures 8 Jul 2010   / 8976 views

The idea is simply great.

I liked video the best.


Street Trash Cans in Amsterdam (2 pics + 1 video)

The "Shoe" House (39 pics)

Posted in Pictures 6 May 2010   / 8829 views

ING House in Amsterdam is an example of the most modern architectural designs in Europe. Its well known nickname is “The Shoe”. It does look like one, don't you agree?


“The Shoe” House (39 pics)

Amsterdam coffeeshops (26 pics)

Posted in Pictures 9 Apr 2009   / 7796 views

A coffeeshop is a place where the sale of cannabis and hashish for personal consumption. Nevertheless, there are strict regulations and the police control their activity.
Before you buy such a cake already loaded with a "magic potion" or buy you something to smoke, you will be warned about the side effects and will be asked not to smoke a lot.
Each coffeeshop is unique; there are no two of them alike.
Take a little photo tour to Amsterdam coffeeshops after the jump.

Amsterdam coffeeshops (26 pics)