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Extremely Rare Oarfish Sighting Off a Mexican Coast (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 10 Apr 2014   / 5214 views

This rarely seen deep sea fish looks like a dragon.


4-Year-Old BMX Twins (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Talent 10 Apr 2014   / 2914 views


Trippy 360° Spherical Panorama (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 7 Apr 2014   / 2518 views

In order to create this awesome timelapse he used 6 GoPro cameras and a 3D printed mount.


Awe-inspiring Photos (25 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 2 Apr 2014   / 6852 views

Twisted Sifter has selected the 25 best photos for 2014 from their popular “Pictures of the Day” series run throughout the year. Here are their choices!

Awe-inspiring Photos

Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tips during Shift (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 1 Apr 2014   / 6912 views

Words from the waitress aftermath: "this was the best day of my life. My car has 200K+ miles on it and gets towed at least once a month. My nonprofit has been my baby project for years, and this video took us to a whole new level. It still feels surreal."


Caterpillar 797 vs Landcruiser (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 1 Apr 2014   / 6760 views


A Back Yard Pool Idea That’s Pure Brilliance (48 pics)

Posted in Arts » Design 1 Apr 2014   / 11913 views

This swimming pond is a novel project that one family embraced.


A Back Yard Pool Idea That’s Pure Brilliance

Fluid Simultaneously Boiling and Freezing (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Science 31 Mar 2014   / 7443 views

It's called the 'triple point' and it's mind-blowing!

Wiki: "The triple point of a substance is the temperature and pressure at which the three phases (gas, liquid, and solid) of that substance coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium."


Italian Guy Takes the Coke-Mentos Trick to the Next Level Adding Nutella and a Condom (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 31 Mar 2014   / 11903 views

Apparently it’s some kind of world record...


How to Effortlessly Peel Apples in No Time (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 31 Mar 2014   / 5070 views

This technique shows all its potential when you have a dozen apples to peel..


Beware Bane Cat (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 29 Mar 2014   / 9191 views

Less destructive than Wolverine Cat but way more dangerous!


Mike Tyson - Street Fighter Style

Posted in Videos » Awesome 28 Mar 2014   / 5558 views

Guy was bored so he combined Mike Tyson boxing clips with Street Fighter sound effects and the result is amazingly good.


Driver Witnesses Hit 'n Run, Chases the Culprit (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 27 Mar 2014   / 4688 views

The date on the video is wrong, this happened yesterday.

It was said that the police found the middle aged woman (you can see at the end of the video) and that she might get her license revoked for 3 to 5 years. She will also be fined around 1,500 dollars for fleeing the scene. The police also stated that they will not charge the guy with a dashcam for running a red light.


Locker Room Rap Battle with an Unexpected Twist (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 26 Mar 2014   / 6034 views

Black kid challenges new white kid to a rap battle but has to deal with the power of someone wearing socks and sandals with swag!

NSFW because of language

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