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new izismile member (4 pics)

Posted by kingboker in Blogs 30 Apr 2013   / 281 views

i'm a new izismile member
you're site is awesome
i admin the israeli #1 viral company - srutonim.co.il
here's some pics i've made
 keep the good job

new izismile member

Happy New Year Dear People of Izismile!!

Posted in Random » POTD 31 Dec 2012   / 11004 views

Happy New Year Folks!

Tonight, celebrate the end of this year and the year to come in the most epic and spectacular way you can… then, send us the pics ;)

Anyway, may 2013 be better than 2012, may all your wishes come true and may love, health and money be present in your life as never before.

HAVE FUN and see you next year!

Happy New Year Dear People of Izismile!!

Welcome to Mobile Izismile

Posted in Iziblog 5 Nov 2011   / 5636 views

The mobile version of izismile is finalized! Yay!!

So for all of you who use a lot your cell phones and pads it will be quite convenient.

Two important things: the videos run smoothly and the site is completely ad free, so you won’t wait long for the pages to load.

Have fun and have a great weekend!




Welcome to Mobile Izismile

A Few Words about Videos on Izismile

Posted in Iziblog 25 Oct 2011   / 2814 views

Hey Izismilers,


You’ve probably already noticed that for several weeks now some videos can be watched directly on the main page without an additional click inside the post. Well, this is not the only change on the site. From now on, you can also watch videos on the iPhone, iPad and all the mobiles with Android OS and other devices. Hope it is good news for you.If videos don’t work on your mobile, let us know about it in the comments and don’t forget to include your phone brand and we will try to fix it.Cheers and have a nice day on Izismile ;)


Izismile Team


A Few Words about Videos on Izismile

Izismile Wants You!

Posted in Iziblog 1 Oct 2010   / 7201 views

Izismile Wants You!

Check inside the post for more details.

An incident in a barbershop (4 pics)

Posted in Pictures 19 Jun 2009   / 7927 views

Funny comic strip!
Be careful when you ask for something ;)

An incident in a barbershop (4 pics)