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Izismile Babe Roll Call: Carole-Anne (5 pics)

Posted in Girls 10 Nov 2010   / 35995 views

After the popular posts of Submitted Sweeties, which were published last week, we began to receive emails with new photos from our charming Izismilettes more often. We are incredibly pleased to see such activity and the desire of our beauties to get on the front page of izismile.


So, I came up with an idea. Starting today we open a separate topic: Izismile Babe Roll Call (IBRC) and invite all interested girls to send any of your photos. We will select the most fit photos and will publish them EVERY SATURDAY on home page on as a first post. If you have your portfolio - no matter professional it is or not (the minimum number of pictures is 5), send them anyway, you’ll have a great possibility to see them on the site. Moreover, this post will only contain your pictures, it won’t be a compilation of all the girls that sent to us their photos. Big request, in your email, write a little about yourself: your name, age, what you do, what your hobbies are etc. in this case the post will be much more interesting believe me. And if you're super ambitious, write on your palm or just on paper I love IZI and make sure that this inscription got into the snap. We would be very happy.


Today, a beautiful girl from Canada Carole-Anne sent to us her photos. Won’t tell you more than this. Look and enjoy!


Izismile Babe Roll Call: Carole-Anne

Izismile Babe Roll Call - Zaiga (3 pics)

Posted in Girls 6 Nov 2010   / 15515 views

While I was doing this post, another Izismilette sent her wonderful snaps.

Meet Zaiga. Here is what she wrote in her email:

"My beautiful morning!

P.S. Love you Izi!



Thanks a lot for your submission!


Izismile Babe Roll Call - Zaiga

Rusty (5 pics)

Posted by jennifer in Girls 5 Nov 2010   / 15027 views

Another charming Izismilette just uploaded her great pictures.


I am sure that we have a lot more pretty girls on the site and what we saw till now in the compilation of Submitted Sweeties is only a small portion of them. Let's hope that after reading this text, the girls stop being shy and will send us their photos.


And now! I am pleased to introduce Jennifer. Here's what she wrote about her photos: "I've been visiting izismile for awhile now and I f$%^ing love you guys. Sorry for taking so long to upload pictures of myself."



Submitted Sweeties (23 pics)

Posted in Girls 4 Nov 2010   / 33019 views

We only have 11 lovely Izismilettes on the site now, but we would like to have more. We are always trying to add to our massive picture collection and pretty girls are always a fan favorite.


Check out the first set of Izismilette photos that feature our beautiful female visitors. I would like to thank all the girls for sending us their pictures. We want to add more Izismilettes to the site, so continue to send us your pictures.


UPDATE: Anita has just sent us one more picture, this time, the pic is very hot. Don’t miss it in the bottom of the post. Thank you, Anita!


Submitted Sweeties
Submitted Sweeties

Izismile Babe Roll Call: Johanna HALLOWEEN EDITION (8 pics)

Posted in Girls 30 Oct 2010   / 24022 views


Since I saw you hadn't got enough photos for the "beautyentry", I'll send a photo, or two. I'll also send pictures of my halloweencostume as Katarina from League of legends, use them for another post if you like :)

Thanks for such a great and entertaining site as Izismile!

Best regards - Johanna Petersson from Sweden.


Thank you Johanna. You're beautiful. Do you agree guys?


P.S. Submitted Sweeties Selection coming soon. Send your photos at content@izismile.com and you can also upload your pictures directly to the site.


Izismile Babe Roll Call: Johanna HALLOWEEN EDITION

It's Time to Send us Your Awesome Photos

Posted in Iziblog 21 Oct 2010   / 9333 views



Dear Citizens of IziSmile!


We are saddened by the lack of submissions we have gotten so far!!! We are getting submissions which do not fit into our category of beautiful IziSmile residents. We are calling out to our beautiful IziSmile ladies to submit photos, not the handsome Izismilers that are guys. Guys you can submit photos of your girlfriends, wives, or anyone as well! Just not your handsome faces and bi-ceps! You can read the full rules HERE.


We need twenty five great photos for our new column and to date we have only six, one of which is a man.


Don’t let us down, tomorrow evening is the deadline and if we do not reach the 25 photos we need we will have to push it off again till the next week.


Submit now! All our visitors are waiting with baited breath to see your gorgeous photos. We also want to show the world that we have the greatest surfers on the planet.


Send all your photos to content@izismile.com or post directly on the site yourself.


P.S. We are already beginning to accept photos of our beautiful girls in Halloween costumes. Don’t waste time get yours submitted today! Send us your pictures. A new selection will be published on the site on October 31.

IZISMILE is looking for beautiful girls (1 pic)

Posted in Iziblog 21 Oct 2010   / 11062 views

IZISMILE is looking for beautiful girls

In recent months, it has become very popular to publish the submitted photos of the sexy surfers that visit different sites. Everyone wants to see who is behind the avatars, are they truly sexy? Hell yeah they are! We decided to keep up with this new trend and allow our gorgeous readers to submit their own photos to Izismile! We know our surfers are the hottest on the planet and we will prove it in this column!


You will be famous. Visitors of izismile and the rest of the web will admire you, they will talk about you and some will even become green with envy. We will be incredibly grateful to you for your beauty, courage and determination in submitting your photos to our site!



1. Take a cell phone, if you have a camera near by, then it's even better.

2. Take a picture of yourself or the most beautiful part of your body, you can ask your boyfriend (or girlfriend) to do it, he/she will certainly take a good shot.

3. Submit your work to content@izismile.com or upload it via our very handy module.

4. Next Friday look for your photos at your favorite site and share the link with your friends and family.

5. You will become famous across the internet for your photos, who knows maybe you will be discovered from your photos at Izismile!

6. Please no full nudity pictures or graphic snaps.


P.S. If you add Izismile to your body or hold up a sign card that you love Izismile you will be the coolest of the cool by showing your love of our site!