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What a $2 Million Pool Looks like

Posted in Videos » Funny 18 Aug 2014   / 6027 views


A Beautiful and Powerful Video Tribute to Robin Williams

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 15 Aug 2014   / 5846 views

This will give you chills.


Guy Combined Over 40,000 Pictures He Took in Paris to Make This Beautiful Time Lapse

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 14 Aug 2014   / 4693 views

He says it took him over 400 hours of work.

The part where he zooms up to the Arc de Triomphe is simply awesome.


This Shadow Act Is Simply Stunning (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Talent 9 Aug 2014   / 3921 views


An Abandoned Soviet Forced Labor Camp That Has Turned into One Awesome Place to Go on Vacation

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 6 Aug 2014   / 6177 views

"This is Rummu, an abandoned soviet prison and forced labor open mine located in Estonia. Underground waters flooded the quarry and the place went from being a horrible punishment facility to becoming one of the most exotic and strange beaches ever seen."


The Beautiful Work of Precision of a Watchmaker

Posted in Videos » Awesome 23 Jul 2014   / 5574 views

This will make you want to own a nice watch!


Futurama in 3D Looks Stunning

Posted in Videos » Animation 17 Jul 2014   / 4110 views

Russian artist Alexey Zakharov, aka Seccovan, has recreated the city of New New York from the Cartoon Futurama in a short 30-second animation.

I'd definitely watch a full length movie!


I Didn't Know Chinese Animation Was That Good!

Posted in Videos » Animation 16 Jul 2014   / 5466 views

This is a 5 minute-long trailer for Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms, a new Chinese animation feature coming to China in 2016. It's simply spectacular!


What Happens When Strangers Are Asked to Undress Each Other and Get in Bed

Posted in Videos » NSFW 14 Jul 2014   / 9098 views

From the same person behind the famous First Kiss video.

Also, some parodies:

The Slap

First Handjob (NSFW)



I picture the most beautiful long leg Vietnam and Southeast Asia. (3 pics)

Posted by 100008207554440 in Blogs 1 Jul 2014   / 2082 views

I picture the most beautiful long leg Vietnam and Southeast Asia. I guess they will tell that Zia is not a full filipino too lol but actually she is Full as both Dolphy and Zsa Zsa are Filipinos they just got admixture & the guy in the video is also Full Filipino too. A lot of Filipinos got admixture so people mixed-up the full Filipinos as not full.by the way, the guy in your video, born & raised in the Philippines, I think his dad is Filipino-Chinese or both of his parents are Filipino-Chinese like those Filipino-Mestizo descendants that it will come out more like caucasian or east asian looking.

I picture the most beautiful long leg Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

This Metal Milling Machine Is Freaking Mesmerizing

Posted in Videos » Technologies 25 Jun 2014   / 8154 views

Cutting and piercing metal like it's butter, so satisfying to watch.

By the way, the CTX gamma 2000 TC has 4,000 Newton meters of torque.


Flying a 1938 Nazi Primary Glider Looks Awesome

Posted in Videos » Awesome 11 Jun 2014   / 5620 views

The model is an SG 38 Schulgleiter.



'My Mom's Motorcycle' Is a Short Film You Should Definitely Watch

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 4 Jun 2014   / 4135 views

This clever short film by Douglas Gautaud tells the story of how his mother became the proud owner of a motorcycle

More deeply it's about how people use objects to connect with ideas, times, and people.


Goat Refuses to Eat Because It Misses Its Friend the Donkey

Posted in Videos » Cute 27 May 2014   / 5384 views

So they got reunited!


Zoo Audience Makes White Arctic Wolf Howl (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Cute 23 May 2014   / 5903 views


Awesome Jurassic Park Theme Cover (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 15 May 2014   / 4289 views

Simply beautiful.


A really Sincere and Beautiful Act of Kindness (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 14 May 2014   / 4731 views

Georgios Samaras did a simple thing that meant the world to this kid with Down's Syndrome.


Around the World in 360 Degrees: A 3 Year Epic Selfie

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 13 May 2014   / 5601 views

Alex Chacon rode his bike (over 200,000+ km, crossing 75+ borders) and took selfies with a GoPro on a stick during his 600-day trip around the world. Just another reminder that our lives are boring..


A Few Pretty Cute Girls (56 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Girls 5 May 2014   / 30673 views

Guy Spent All Year Cutting over 1900 Paper Figures to Create This Stop Motion Animation (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Art 2 May 2014   / 3302 views

He did it for his thesis film.

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