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Red Bull Stratos Jump: New HQ Footage with Multi-Angle POV and Mission Data

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 15 Oct 2013   / 4145 views

One year to the day after Felix Baumgartner jumped from space, Red Bull releases the full POV video of the jump with multiple angles and mission data. If you can, watch it in 1080p quality and full screen.

Red Bull Stratos Jump: New HQ Footage with Multi-Angle POV and Mission Data

Stunning Game-Winning Bicycle Goal

Posted in Videos » Win 15 Oct 2013   / 1549 views

Performed by Raul Jimenez last friday during the game that opposed Mexico to Panama (2-1), saving Mexico's World Cup hopes.


Beautiful PC Case Spray Painting

Posted in Videos » Art 14 Oct 2013   / 1922 views

Front Flip Jump Off a Bridge onto a Boat - POV

Posted in Videos » Win 14 Oct 2013   / 1692 views

The Perrine Bridge is 486-foot high (148m), it's located at Twin Falls, Idaho, USA.


Insane Base Jumping - Falling with Style

Posted in Videos » Awesome 9 Oct 2013   / 2229 views


Hyper Realistic Painting of a Cheeseburger

Posted in Videos » Talent 9 Oct 2013   / 1618 views

People were saying the painting is fake after she posted this video.

So she made this one in real time to prove it's not.


Mind-blowingly realistic drawing of an empty potato chips bag

Incredibly realistic drawing of a 50 euro note


Awesome Guzheng Cover of Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses

Posted in Videos » Talent 8 Oct 2013   / 1369 views

Performed by Vancouver teen Michelle Kwan


New Audi R8 V10 Commercial Is Pure Car Porn

Posted in Videos » Wheels 7 Oct 2013   / 3542 views


Gordon Ramsay Describes Blind Chef's Pie, Restores Her Confidence

Posted in Videos » Awesome 3 Oct 2013   / 1712 views

Apparently she won the entire show...


Yet Another Beautiful GoPro Commercial

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 2 Oct 2013   / 1589 views

Once again GoPro has put together some beautiful footage to advertise the new Hero3+ Black edition.


3D Rendering of Sagrada Familia's Completion

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 1 Oct 2013   / 1961 views

It's been under construction for 131 years now and is expected to be finished in 2026, so it's not any time soon... Meanwhile, you can watch this video to see what is should look like once finished.

More info on Wikipedia


Entire Football Team Hugs Sports Anchor Whose Daughter Recently Died

Posted in Videos » Win 1 Oct 2013   / 1698 views

"Dom Tiberi is a Columbus, Ohio sports personality for 10TV. The week prior, his 21 year old daughter, Maria, passed in a car accident. This was his first week back on the job after his tragic loss. He is close to the Ohio State University Football program. This was filmed after a Saturday night victory at around midnight. Each player showed this man and his family respect for his tragic loss."


A Few Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again

Posted in Videos » Animation 30 Sep 2013   / 1587 views


Insane Wingsuit Proximity Flight

Posted in Videos » Awesome 28 Sep 2013   / 4447 views

There's no room for approximation... You fail, you die!


Parachuting into a Stadium Full with 82,000 Fans

Posted in Videos » Awesome 26 Sep 2013   / 1294 views

This was filmed in Dublin, Ireland.


Nature Is Awesome

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 26 Sep 2013   / 4643 views

Stunningly Breath-Taking Nature Video

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 20 Sep 2013   / 2001 views


Flying Eagle POV - Simply Stunning!

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 18 Sep 2013   / 4868 views

This was filmed in the 'Mer de Glace' glacier, France.


Kickoff Leads to Amazingly Fast and Beautiful Goal

Posted in Videos » Awesome 18 Sep 2013   / 4810 views

It's the fastest 3rd division goal of all time. It was scored by Daniel Frahn after just 8.6 seconds during the game that opposed RasenBallsport Leipzig to VfB Stuttgart II.


Scarecrow: Powerful Animated Short Film about the Fast Food Industry

Posted in Videos » Animation 13 Sep 2013   / 3383 views

From burrito fast food restaurant chain Chipotle.


Try Not to Cry at This Touching Thai Ad!

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 13 Sep 2013   / 8223 views
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This is actually an ad for Thai mobile operator True Move.

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