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Firefighter Rescues Entire Family from Drowning with His Jetski (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 6 Mar 2014   / 3220 views
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A family of five was swept away to deep waters and started drowning until the intervention of a brave firefighter.

Firefighter Rescues Entire Family from Drowning with His Jetski

Gator vs Cat

Posted in Videos » WTF 10 Dec 2013   / 3209 views
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That is one very brave pussy

Terrifying Standoff with a Black Rhino

Posted in Videos » Awesome 25 Sep 2013   / 3068 views
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Brave Neighbors Rescue Man from Apartment on Fire

Posted in Videos » Win 18 Sep 2013   / 2578 views
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This happened yesterday in Washington Heights, Manhattan, New York.

Little Girl Falls from 4th Floor, 8 Brave Men Manage to Catch Her

Posted in Videos » Win 22 Jun 2013   / 5153 views
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One of them injured his neck and another injured his left arm. The little girl suffered only a very minor face wound.

Here are some pics of the heroes


1 Policeman vs Violent Soccer Fans – No One Shall Pass!

Posted in Videos » Win 23 Oct 2012   / 4793 views
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Happened in Pereira, Colombia. These young, aggressive fans wanted to pass without paying the bus ticket…

Fearless Guy Drags Great White Shark Back into the Ocean

Posted in Videos » WTF 17 Oct 2012   / 7813 views
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College Student’s Epic Flying Kick Helps Guards in Difficulty

Posted in Videos » Win 11 Sep 2012   / 6223 views
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This crazy guy wielding a 27-inch steel blade injured and killed several guards before this heroic student intervened.

What a Brave Old Lady (2 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Random » Wow 31 Jul 2012   / 6655 views
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It may look just like a regular photo of an older woman doing some cleaning, but wait until you see the second picture.


What a Brave Old Lady

The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!

Posted in Videos » Win 4 May 2012   / 39644 views
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Let this be the inspirational video of the day.

Things Only the Brave Can Do (12 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Funny » Humor 26 Apr 2012   / 9455 views
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There are things in the world that take courage to perform. Here we name those which are truly daring.


Things Only the Brave Can Do

Only in Vietnam – Brave Cop vs Crazy Bus Driver

Posted in Videos » WTF 17 Apr 2012   / 4318 views
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“A Vietnamese traffic police officer went on a wild ride in Hanoi, clinging to the windshield wipers of a moving bus for nearly a kilometre after a rogue driver tried to avoid a ticket.”

Teen Driver’s Hit & Run Failed Thanks to Bus Driver

Posted by Unknown visitor in Videos » Win 6 Apr 2012   / 8207 views
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Faith in humanity restored!

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4

Brave Rabbit Beat Monsters

Posted by in Games » Puzzles & Skills 5 Apr 2012   / 491 views
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Our cute baby rabbit needs to dodge from the attack of the monsters and beat them down to pass every level!

Brave Rabbit Beat Monsters

Scared Little Girl Gathered Her Courage

Posted in Videos » Win 19 Mar 2012   / 4511 views
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Brave Firefighter

Posted by in Games » Platform 22 Feb 2012   / 654 views

Cute Ball Girl Is Braver than Tennis Player

Posted in Videos » Girls 21 Jan 2012   / 13483 views
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Check her interview right here.

Courageous Cat (6 pics)

Posted in Animals 28 Apr 2011   / 7636 views
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This cat is every brave a first in the face of a couple of adversaries. Then it simply runs away. This proves the old adage that if you run away you’ll live to fight another day.


Courageous Cat

Brave Cleaners (17 pics)

Posted in Pictures 28 Jan 2011   / 5672 views
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These cleaners are clearly fearless. They do their jobs from so far up that people look like ants to them. They clean everything from the Eiffel Tower to Mount Rushmore to high rise windows and everything in between.


Big Ben

Brave Cleaners

A Brave Beest (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 20 Jan 2011   / 6763 views
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This is a young wildebeest in Kenya who, against all odds, feigns off a hungry lioness who wants him for lunch. However, it only works for a while. Eventually the fight attracts the attention of a huge male lion…

A Brave Beest

7-Year-Old Girl with the Body of an Old Woman (19 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Pictures 10 Jun 2010   / 63922 views
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Ashanti Eliott-Smith is like any other girls of her age, she goes to school, plays with her friends or her puppy, she likes horses and is a fan of Girls Aloud and JLS… But unfortunately, she has a rare incurable condition (Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome) that makes her age faster than other people, 8 times faster to be more precise. This condition is very rare and only 52 persons in the world suffer progeria, with just one other kid in Britain.

7-Year-Old Girl with the Body of an Old Woman (19 pics)

A Brave Cat (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 29 Mar 2010   / 27719 views
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Russian nature photographer Igor Shpilenok spent his winter in Kronotsky Nature Reserve two years ago. This Reserve is neighboring many wild animals. Igor’s cat Ryska was with him guarding the house from mice and foxes ;) These pictures were taken for the family album. But Igor’s wife decided to send one of the photos to London to enter a prestigious contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Well, the picture won in Urban and Garden Wildlife category!
A Brave Cat (5 pics)

Brave or Stupid (29 pics)

Posted in Animals 15 Feb 2010   / 28722 views
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The goats in these photos are either very brave or very stupid or both. I know that mountain goats are supposed to be good climbers but this is ridiculous. How they ever got in some of the places they got to in these photos is beyond me. In addition to being brave or stupid, maybe they can fly as well?

Brave or Stupid (29 pics)
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