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Would You Be Able to Eat at Least One of These? (44 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Lifestyle » Food 14 May 2012   / 10779 views

It makes me cringe when I look at these totally weird and unhealthy meals that bear a remote resemblance to sandwiches.


Would You Be Able to Eat at Least One of These?

My First Burger-less Cheeseburger

Posted by vincente in Blogs 26 Feb 2012   / 567 views

So I ordered a cheeseburger in Sri Lanka. And received this... bun with cheese in it. When I complained and asked where the meat was, the waiter was confused and explained that I ordered a cheeseburger. And that's what I got. *True Story!

My First Burger-less Cheeseburger

The Real Face of Fast Food Burgers (13 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Dec 2010   / 22010 views

Promotional pictures of fast food burgers look delicious and mouth-watering. But this is not what their real “face” is. You can compare the looks of real-life burgers from 5 fast food restaurants and their ad “clones” after the jump.


The Wendy's Double Baconator

promotional picture

The Real Face of Fast Food Burgers

Snakeburgers (19 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Jun 2010   / 7202 views

Yes, it’s true, it does exist in Indonesia. It is a known fact that in each country they adapt western dishes to their cultural preferences. In this case, we have burgers made from snakes and more precisely from cobras. You’ll see in pictures how they are done.

P.S. Apparently, it is very delicious. If I’m in Indonesia, I will definitely try it.


Snakebourgers (19 pics)