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Little Girl Didn't Stop Screaming, So Daddy Decided to Lighten the Mood

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Funny 21 Oct 2013   / 5286 views

This had been going for around an hour so her dad started lip syncing her temper tantrum to lighten the mood of the rest of the family who was really fed up with her drama


Quiet Dutch Square Goes Wild – Complete WTF Style

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Awesome 25 Jan 2013   / 7225 views

They made a sequel to the ‘push to add drama button’ video and it’s awesome again.



Ski Lift Drama (4 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Random » Awesome 2 Feb 2012   / 9195 views

A boy slipped from the ski lift seat. In a split second the father managed to catch him by the hand, but it was too hard to drag the poor fellow back. Luckily, the other skiers came to help.


Ski Lift Drama

Story of a poor birdie (13 pics)

Posted in Pictures 18 May 2009   / 13714 views

A very sad story. A birdie was hit by a tuck and her beloved one tried to save her. The first thing he did was to bring her some food in a hope that it would help. But unfortunately his sweetheart died. Shocked, he tried to bring her back to life.
He tried to lift her and make her move. When he realized that all his efforts were in vain, he began to cry. And then he began to scream and call for help. Then, he finally realized that she left him for ever ... he stayed next to her body, motionless with his enormous grief.

Story of a poor birdie (13 pics)