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Angry Hockey Dad Embarrasses Entire Family (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 23 Jan 2015   / 4171 views

Way to go, Paul!


Embarrassing National Anthem Fail (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 6 Oct 2014   / 3646 views

Singer Mark Donnelly trips over a rug while singing the Canadian National Anthem.


Russian Circus Camel Ride Gone Really Wrong (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 24 Jun 2014   / 4554 views

The level of embarrassment here is high!


Did the Colombian President Just Pee His Pants on Stage? (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 19 Mar 2014   / 4315 views

Juan Manuel Santos, 62, has a wet spot appearing on his pants while delivering a speech in front of a crowd for his re-election campaign.

Probably not the best ad for someone who want to be elected...


Miss Utah’s ‘Memorable’ Answer on Gender Inequality

Posted in Videos » Fail 18 Jun 2013   / 5840 views

This happened during the Miss USA pageant from last Sunday.


Total Embarrassment: Getting Locked Out of the Hotel Room… Naked!

Posted in Videos » Fail 25 Feb 2013   / 8263 views

Today in things that only happen to others and please let it be this way…

Guy got locked out of his hotel room while trying to leave his dirty dishes outside… naked! And had to walk down to the reception for help…


Kid Gets Strippers for His Birthday Party – Totally Awesome or Totally Embarrassing?

Posted in Videos » Girls 25 Jan 2013   / 10415 views

If you got a strip tease for your birthday party even though your family was there, how do you think you’d have reacted?


Embarrassing Dad Is Embarrassing

Posted in Videos » Funny 24 Aug 2012   / 4119 views

There will always be a moment in your life when you dad embarrasses you, I guess this kid has already had several of these moments with this real life Ned Flanders...


Here’s the Latest Inappropriate Exercise Machine Out There

Posted in Videos » WTF 24 Jul 2012   / 10832 views

Even more embarrassing than the Shake Weight and coming from Korea, here comes the horse riding fitness ace power machine!


Embarrassing Wedding Dress Malfunction

Posted in Videos » Fail 5 Mar 2012   / 34690 views

They won’t forget this one…


Embarrassing Self-Knockout

Posted in Videos » Fail 22 Feb 2012   / 4589 views

How lame is that?


Embarrassing Garter Removals (48 pics)

Posted in Pictures 21 Jun 2010   / 18967 views

These photos are of some very funny and embarrassing situations. The new groom is often a little frisky at these times and usually the new bride is only too willing to cooperate which makes for some hilarious scenes. As can be seen from the photos, a good time was had by all.


Embarrassing Garter Removals (48 pics)

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