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Inspirational: Girl with Multiple Sclerosis Becomes Long Distance Runner Champion (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 28 Nov 2014   / 3623 views

14-year-old Kayla Montgomery didn't let her disease stop her from becoming one of America's top long distance runners.


A 5 Year Old Girl’s Amusing Relationship with a Construction Crew (4 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor 27 Nov 2014   / 7836 views

This little girl spent some time with a construction crew and they definitely rubbed off on her.


A 5 Year Old Girl’s Amusing Relationship with a Construction Crew

Dolphins Being Entertained by Girl Doing Gymnastics (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Cute 20 Nov 2014   / 3934 views

Dolphin's thinking "finally it goes the other way around!" 


Go Team! Yay!!! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Weird 17 Nov 2014   / 5021 views


One Girl's Amusing Retort to a Congressman (4 pics)

Posted in Funny » LOL 17 Nov 2014   / 9259 views

This encounter between a young girl and a congressman proves that kids are smarter than you realize.


One Girl

Hot Girl Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately (46 pics)

Posted in NSFW 14 Nov 2014   / 34529 views

Thanks to Instagram, you can find all the sexy photos you want at the click of a button.


Hot Girl Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately

Japanese Girl Uses a Calculator Faster Than Anybody Else (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Talent 27 Oct 2014   / 11230 views

Dat speed!


Girl Is Lucky to Be Alive After This Insane Close Call with Death (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 24 Oct 2014   / 7950 views

This girl was almost crushed by debris falling from a soccer stadium in Donbass, Ukraine, which was caused by a nearby explosion.


This Woman Could Be a Real Life Mermaid (42 pics)

Posted in NSFW 18 Oct 2014   / 38512 views

With ethereal beauty, this girl makes an underwater photoshoot look absolutely effortless and the resulting photos are mesmerizing.


This Woman Could Be a Real Life Mermaid

Girl Signs the Lyrics of Trance Music to Her Deaf Friend (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Weird 7 Oct 2014   / 5584 views

This happened at the Tomorrowworld music festival.


Talented 11-Year-Old Dancer Busts Out Some Amazing Moves

Posted in Videos » Talent 30 Sep 2014   / 5967 views

Inappropriate song? I think so..


Hot Girl Wears Fat Suit on Tinder Dates

Posted in Videos » Funny 25 Sep 2014   / 7615 views

Here goes your social experiment of the day. This one shows what happens when a cute girl dresses up in a fat suit and goes on a Tinder date, because apparently, the number one fear for men dating online is that the woman will end up being overweight.


This Girl Has an Incredible Talent

Posted in Videos » Talent 24 Sep 2014   / 10532 views


This Australian Girl Has a Pair of Monster Boobs (17 pics)

Posted in NSFW 20 Sep 2014   / 30508 views

Sarah Marie Summer from Sydney, Australia is 23 years old and has made it her mission to have the biggest boobs ever. She had her first surgery at 17, which cost $13,000 but did not stop there and you should see her massive boobs now.


This Australian Girl Has a Pair of Monster Boobs

Russian Vigilante on Her Motorcycle Punishes Litterbugs

Posted in Videos » Awesome 17 Sep 2014   / 12230 views

So satisfying!


How to Easily Fake Traveling (11 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel 12 Sep 2014   / 8632 views

Zilla Van Den Borne made her friends and family believe she was traveling in Asia but in fact, she didn't even move from her place in Amsterdam.So why did she do that, well, it was part of a university project involving photo editing with Photoshop.

How to Easily Fake Traveling

A Cute Asian Girl (20 pics)

Posted in NSFW 5 Sep 2014   / 18109 views

But be careful guys...


A Cute Asian Girl

Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed, Then Does the Funniest and Most WTF Ice Bucket Challenge Video (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 21 Aug 2014   / 5913 views

It's so wrong that it's awesome!


The Ice Bucket Challenge, German Style! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Weird 21 Aug 2014   / 7862 views


Girl with Tats Shows Her Skills on the Pole

Posted in Videos » NSFW 20 Aug 2014   / 5964 views

This is Soren High, a Portland-based pole dancer and stripper.

She was pole dancer and stripper of the year 2012 and miss exotic Oregon for half 2013, now that's a résumé!

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