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If You Need Weight-loss Motivation Then Check this Out (8 pics)

Posted in Girls 21 Mar 2014   / 18248 views

This inspirational girl changed her whole body in only 3 years.


If You Need Weight-loss Motivation Then Check this Out

What Girl Thought She Sounded like vs What She Actually Sounded like (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 13 Mar 2014   / 5314 views

About 10 years ago, this girl got an iPod and a camera for Christmas, what she did next was recording herself singing while listening to music with headphones.

She totally forgot about this video but her father stumbled upon it while going through old files on her computer and decided to make this little montage where you can hear first what the "Circle of Life" is supposed to sound like and how this girl terribly covered it.

She's a good sports though 'cause she's the one who posted it on the Internet.


Photoshop Has Gone Too Far (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 12 Mar 2014   / 11207 views

See what this girl looks like once she get fully un-Photoshopped, it's unbelievable!


Average Day Riding the Subway in China? (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 7 Mar 2014   / 9108 views

I guess time is money!


How to Crush a Can with.. Style! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Talent 26 Feb 2014   / 4830 views


Girl Plays Super Mario Theme on a Sheng and It Sounds Awesome! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 22 Feb 2014   / 6848 views

A sheng is a Chinese mouth-blown free instrument consisting of vertical pipes and is one of the oldest Chinese instruments, with images depicting its kind dating back to 1100 BC.


Girl Freaks Out While Driving through Tumbleweeds at Night (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 21 Feb 2014   / 6179 views

Her boyfriend just couldn't stop laughing

NSFW because of language


Hot Girl Owns Guy at Wrestling (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 18 Feb 2014   / 20431 views

That's a beautiful rear naked choke


How to Subtly Check Out a Hot Girl (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » NSFW 10 Feb 2014   / 7805 views


Surfer Girl Owned by Surfboard (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 7 Feb 2014   / 6634 views


Russian Girl Pulls Off the Most Epic Parking Job Ever.... by Accident! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Wheels 3 Feb 2014   / 7623 views

Parallel parking has never been that impressive before


Korean Girl Earns $9,000/Month for Streaming Herself Eating

Posted in Videos » Weird 28 Jan 2014   / 5258 views

It's called 'gastronomic voyeurism' and it's the latest fad in South Korea


Girl Hits On the Wrong Guy

Posted in Videos » Fail 15 Jan 2014   / 5164 views

Her reaction is just priceless


Girl Gets All Shook Up

Posted in Videos » Girls 14 Jan 2014   / 4855 views


Hot Girl Practicing Her Handstands

Posted in Videos » Funny 10 Jan 2014   / 7925 views


10-Year-Old Girl Dancing Win

Posted in Videos » Funny 26 Dec 2013   / 5179 views


Black Guy Brings White Girlfriend to Barbershop in Harlem and Gets Hated On

Posted in Videos » Win 10 Dec 2013   / 8871 views

Would you call out a racist?

In this episode of 'what would you do', three actors play out a racist scene in a barbershop to see how people will react and if anybody will step in. The last woman's reaction is incredible.


Belgian Blonde Tries Making Coffee

Posted in Videos » Fail 29 Nov 2013   / 7280 views

This is taken from 'Komen Eten', the Belgian version of TV show 'Come Dine with Me'.

It was her first time using a coffee machine...

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