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Super “Glamorous” Girl from Russian Social Media (18 pics)

Posted in Girls 8 Sep 2012   / 18314 views

The worst thing about it all is that she apparently considers the way she looks ultra-cool.


Super “Glamorous” Girl from Russian Social Media

Look At Me Now (81 pics)

Posted in Pictures 3 Mar 2011   / 237687 views

It is unclear what the girls in these pictures from Russian social networking sites are trying to prove. They seem like they are going for the glamorous and sexy look but it’s a total fail all around.


Look At Me Now

“Glamorous” Girls from Ebay (31 pics)

Posted in Girls 28 Jun 2010   / 44010 views

On Friday we published pictures with girls that you can meet on Ebay. Here’s another portion of girls but this time more “glamorous” that won’t make you indifferent ;)

“Glamorous” Girls from Ebay (31 pics)

Siblings of the Stars (23 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Lifestyle » Celebs 10 Feb 2010   / 52603 views

We don’t normally think of the stars as having brothers and sisters unless, of course, they too happen to be famous. But as these photos show, many stars do have siblings and some of them are just as glamorous as the stars themselves. Some even look alike.

Keanu Reeves and his sisters Kim and Karina
Siblings of the Stars (23 pics)

How Japanese Youth Partying (30 pics)

Posted in Girls 30 Nov 2009   / 80844 views

A small photo essay from one nightclub.
Here are glamorous young people of Japan, there are mainly girls n_sm_19

How Japanese Youth Partying (30 pics)

‘Glamorous’ apartment (21 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Aug 2009   / 12919 views

Here's a very "fun" one-room apartment for rent in the center of Moscow. And the rent cost is 1,250 bucks a month.
It is also pointed out that the apartment underwent renovation works, though after viewing the photos it is hard to believe in. And what’s with the fur???
I would never rent this apartment, especially for the sum they ask for it.

‘Glamorous’ apartment (21 pics)

Glamorous vehicle for real blondes (4 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 24 Jul 2009   / 13461 views

Just look what this blonde just did with her Mitsubishi Lancer.
I would feel extremely uncomfortable just to get inside, even on the passenger seat sarcastic

Glamorous vehicle for real blondes (4 pics)

Mercedes for glamorous blonds (13 pics)

Posted in Pictures 10 Jun 2009   / 8499 views

D.A.D Mercedes has released the newest models for glamorous women with big wallets.
The car is fully covered with Swarovski crystals and its cost, including the crisis discounts, is 980 thousand dollars.
They have already sold two cars for the month of June. One was shipped to China, and the other - to Japan. And you say the crisis ))

Mercedes for glamorous blonds (13 pics)