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Hard-to-explain WTF Photos (50 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 24 May 2017   / 11934 views

Relax As Hard As You Can (47 pics)

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Posted by powerslave in Blogs 12 Feb 2013   / 973 views

Never leave your PC without having logged-out from your FB account...


Hardest Pushup in the World?

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Win 21 Sep 2012   / 8828 views

Give it a try and tell us...


Irony Struck This Guy Hard (4 pics)

Posted by Xaniel in Funny » Fail 6 Aug 2012   / 22985 views

Like karma, irony can be a bitch!


Irony Struck This Guy Hard

Armor Hero Hard Battle

Posted by in Games » Action Games 7 May 2012   / 969 views

She's Exercising So Hard She's Losing Her Pants

Posted by sym in Random » POTD 3 May 2011   / 59423 views

Click on the image to see more cool random pictures.



Hard Boiled Eggs (1 pic)

Posted by FaizanButt in Blogs 22 Apr 2011   / 1972 views

you're left with a surplus ofhard-boiled eggs on your hands.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Daily Stare: Grinding Hard (16 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 28 Mar 2011   / 6091 views

Let’s start the week off with a grind that is sure to make us all smile a bit as we begin our week.



Daily Stare: Grinding Hard

Fox and Duck (flash game + 1 video)

Posted in Games 27 Dec 2010   / 15775 views

One more flash game for you today, but a very hard one! Imagine that the red dot is a duck and that the blue dot is a fox. Now your goal is to get the duck out of the pond (big circle) before the fox catches it. Believe me, it’s not an easy task, but it’s possible! There’s a video showing the solution below the flash game but try to beat it without looking at it…
Fox and Duck

Women Hitting Very Hard the Ball (27 pics)

Posted by sym in Lifestyle » Celebs 31 Aug 2010   / 12606 views

Amazing screenshots from the video gallery directed by Dewey Nicks shooting the superstar tennis players hitting very hard the ball.


Women Hitting Very Hard the Ball (27 pics)

About the Hard Life of Chinese Workers (6 pics)

Posted in Pictures 20 Jan 2010   / 11966 views

China never ceases to surprise and unfortunately, not for the better.
Not only their work is hellishly difficult at a construction site, but there are other problems… See below.

About the Hard Life of Chinese Workers (6 pics)

Hard work of road workers (3 pics)

Posted in Pictures 11 Sep 2009   / 13311 views

Look how hard he is working. He’s really busting his ass there ))

Hard work of road workers (3 pics)

You still complain about your work? (5 pics)

Posted in Pictures 28 Aug 2009   / 9989 views

This girl looks very funny, isn’t she?
It’s better to work somewhere in the office than walking on the streets disguised as a giant sausage.

You still complain about your work? (5 pics)

The hard life of a child (25 pics)

Posted in Pictures 7 Jul 2009   / 7428 views

At first glance, it is a joyful little girl, but she lives alone with her grandmother in precarious conditions.
It is always impressive when such children don’t complain and try to stay happy living in such conditions.

The hard life of a child (25 pics)