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The Largest Flying Boat Ever Built! (33 pics)

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The Hughes H-4 Hercules is a one-of-a-kind, heavy transport aircraft, built as a prototype by the Hughes Aircraft company during the 1940s. It made its first flight in 1947 but the project never developed any further than this. Constructed from wood due to the wartime restrictions on aluminium, the craft is nicknamed “Spruce Goose” and is the largest flying boat ever built with the largest wingspan of any aircraft in history. It is now conserved at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregan, USA.


The Largest Flying Boat Ever Built!

The Life of a Hercules Beetle in Pictures (55 pics)

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A family made an interesting project of growing a giant Hercules beetle at home. Here are the photos which cover the full lifespan of the amazing insect.


The Life of a Hercules Beetle in Pictures

Do You Usually Bump into Ligers on London Streets? (7 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Animals 29 Jan 2010   / 32458 views

Meet Hercules, a 900lbs liger. He is truly a magnificent beast born to a lion father and a tigress mother. He is 12ft. long and measures up to 4.5ft at the shoulder and almost 6ft at the tips of his ears, so you can imagine how huge he is.
The pictures were shot for a commercial on the London streets where you can see that Hercules is quite capable of reaching out to the top of the British Double Decker bus and he looms easily over the traditional black cabs.
If you thought of having such an animal at your place, think twice, because you’ll need to feed him with 25lbs of meat and a gallon of water a day ;)
Apparently, ligers are not very healthy due to the mixture of genes of different species, but Hercules seems just fine to me.

Do You Usually Bump into Ligers on London Streets? (7 pics)

Funny photomontage - Hercules (51 pics)

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What would happen if everyone had super power?
Photoshoppers tried to answer this question in pictures.

Funny photomontage - Hercules (51 pics)