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Epic Inspiring Preschool Graduation Speech

Posted in Videos » Funny 31 May 2014   / 2926 views

Epic Inspiring Preschool Graduation Speech

Man with Down Syndrome Becomes Elite Power Lifter

Posted in Videos » Win 23 Sep 2013   / 3537 views

People with disabilities can achieve greatness too!


Inspiring Story of the Day: Guy with CP Works Out like a Badass

Posted in Videos » Win 24 May 2013   / 3768 views

This guy has cerebral palsy (CP): a non-progressive, non-contagious motor condition that causes physical disability in human development… he also can’t talk!

This is a video to show to people who spend their time complaining about anything…


No Hands… Still Drums like a Boss!

Posted in Videos » Win 20 Apr 2012   / 5276 views

Anything is possible if you have strong will


Welcome to Earth!

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 31 Mar 2012   / 6827 views

The amazing, beautiful part of Earth

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Quotes That Make You Think (26 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 26 Jan 2012   / 45285 views

A selection of inspirational quotes that you can read over and over again.


Quotes That Make You Think

Inspiring Business Cards (64 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Pictures 21 Dec 2010   / 10720 views

These are some very clever and creative business cards. They are made out of everything under the sun. They sometimes serve double duty, like a bottle opener or sometimes they are made from an object that the owner is representing. They are interesting and very inspiring.

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Inspiring Business Cards

Inspiring Sculptures (10 pics)

Posted in Pictures 5 Mar 2010   / 6338 views

The author of these sculptures is Mark Newman, born in America in 1962.  He started to sculpt when he was 19 years old. Mark believes that his task is to inspire people with his works. He advises

Inspiring Sculptures (10 pics)

Inspiring and motivational inscriptions (58 pics)

Posted in Pictures 10 Jun 2009   / 32535 views

These are beautiful sayings about everything that surrounds us.
It was a real pleasure to collect and read them. They are full of funny words, smart hints, wonderful expressions and they talk about everything: love, relationship, things, well, in general it’s all about life and the way it can be seen.
And it can be a good idea to make some of them yourself and give to your beloved ones, your friends or family.
Enjoy! I really did

Inspiring and motivational inscriptions (58 pics)