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Plane Landing (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 25 Jul 2015   / 3501 views

Plane Landing

I Think the Pilot Forgot Something... (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Random 23 Apr 2015   / 4860 views


SpaceX Falcon 9 First Stage Landing Failed Attempt (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Technologies 16 Apr 2015   / 4638 views

Another failure for SpaceX but it was close!


Footage of the Failed SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Landing (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 17 Jan 2015   / 5628 views

The rocket is 12 feet wide (3.66 meters) and about 14 stories tall (42 meters).


Landing a Plane in the Middle of a Forest Up in the Mountains (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Awesome 8 Nov 2014   / 5795 views

The pilot has some serious skills!


Johnny Express: A Lazy Space Delivery Man Lands on a Tiny Planet (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Animation 9 May 2014   / 7459 views
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This is a brilliant animated short, don't skip it!


Landing a 120 Ton Boeing 767 Jetliner in Crazy Crosswinds (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Win 18 Feb 2014   / 6634 views

Poor landing gear... also, see how the wings flex due to the violent winds (35 knots).


What They Didn't Show You about the First Moon Landing

Posted in Videos » Funny 17 Dec 2013   / 10388 views
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This one is for the moon landing conspiracy theorists...


Don't Stupidly Follow the One in Front of You

Posted in Videos » Fail 30 Sep 2013   / 3075 views


Two Young Pilots Perform ‘Textbook’ Emergency Landing

Posted in Videos » Awesome 4 Sep 2013   / 3047 views

Footage from inside the cockpit, sadly without sound…


Helicopter Balances on Safety Barrier after Car Accident in Norway

Posted in Videos » Talent 2 May 2013   / 8841 views

This pilot’s got skills! He had to drop a doctor at the scene of a car accident and this was the only way to “land”


SpaceX Rocket’s Incredible Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing

Posted in Videos » Technologies 23 Apr 2013   / 3897 views

What is interesting here is that while most rockets are designed to burn up in the atmosphere during reentry, SpaceX's rockets are being designed to return to the launch pad for a vertical landing and intact.
SpaceX's Grasshopper flied up to 820 feet (250m) and returned safely to its launch pad, vertically.


30 People on Skis Doing a Massive Backflip, While Holding Hands!

Posted in Videos » Win 16 Apr 2013   / 3140 views

And they all landed it, making it a brand new record.


Incredibly Reckless yet Amazing Plane Landing

Posted in Videos » Win 17 Dec 2012   / 4335 views


Epic Canyon Gap Jump Failed Landing

Posted in Videos » Fail 11 Oct 2012   / 3064 views

This is the incredible crash of Cameron Zink that occurred at the Red Bull Rampage 2012 in Virgin Utah. Miraculously enough, he only got bruised heels.


Mario Landing

Posted by in Games » Puzzles & Skills 11 Sep 2012   / 634 views

Let's remove the woods and help Super Mario and his friends land safely!

Mario Landing

Landing Plane Brakes a Bit Too Hard

Posted by Xaniel in Videos » Fail 8 Jun 2012   / 5205 views


AH-64 Apache Helicopter Crashes after Crazy Maneuver

Posted in Videos » Fail 22 Mar 2012   / 5628 views

“The pilot was executing a maneuver known as "return to target". No one on the ground was killed and both pilots survived…”


Amazing Emergency Landing

Posted in Videos » Win 8 Mar 2012   / 8336 views


Landing Fail Selection (23 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail 10 Nov 2011   / 9369 views

If you look at these pictures you’ll doubt that airplanes are the safest way to travel.


Landing Fail Selection

Boeing 767 Landing on Its Belly (7 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Random » Weird 2 Nov 2011   / 7425 views

The pilots of the Polish LOT airlines performed a miraculous landing. An airliner with 220 passengers and 11 crew members on board managed to safely land on its belly since its landing gear failed to open. No one was hurt during this perfect emergency landing that you can watch on video after the jump.


Boeing 767 Landing on Its Belly

F-16 Fighter Plane Barely Avoids Disaster (24 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird 2 Aug 2011   / 8864 views

During the annual EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin one of the F-16 planes managed to end its landing in the much softer grass, resulting in some dramatic photos.


F-16 Fighter Plane Barely Avoids Disaster

Emergency Landing of A380 (9 pics)

Posted in Pictures 5 Nov 2010   / 11544 views

Yesterday, 4 November, an Airbus A380 belonging to Australian company Qantas, made an emergency landing at the airport of Singapore. The reason is that one of the plane’s engines failure. After the plane took off the engine just shut down.

It was reported first that the plane had crashed but later the information confirmed that the aircraft returned to Singapore as a precaution.

None of 459 passengers were injured.


Emergency Landing of A380
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