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If You're Lazy, You'll Relate (45 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail 13 Apr 2016   / 9616 views

Lazy Otter Kicks Back and Relaxes (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 19 Dec 2015   / 2100 views

Lazy Otter Kicks Back and Relaxes

Lazy Dog Has Tug of War All Figured Out (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 12 Sep 2015   / 3211 views

Lazy Dog Has Tug of War All Figured Out

This Military Officer Is the Epitome of Lazy (3 pics)

Posted in Funny » LOL 2 Jul 2015   / 4970 views

This dude is not a morning person but he has learnt how to adapt like a boss.


This Military Officer Is the Epitome of Lazy

World's Laziest Hamster or Smartest One? (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 15 Oct 2014   / 5346 views


Stop Motion Parkour Is Basically Parkour for the Lazy

Posted in Videos » Awesome 7 Oct 2014   / 3302 views

They wanted to shoot a parkour battle video but the thing is, they are not athletic, so here is what they did instead.


Johnny Express: A Lazy Space Delivery Man Lands on a Tiny Planet (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Animation 9 May 2014   / 7930 views
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This is a brilliant animated short, don't skip it!


Lazy USPS Driver Won't Even Walk Out of His Vehicle (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF 26 Mar 2014   / 4472 views

Words from the author of the video: "this video is real, the van belongs to a rural mail carrier working for the USPS."

Doesn't beat this one though..

UPS and FedEx aren't better if you're asking


Lazy Cat Rings His Human Slave to Get Food (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Cute 14 Feb 2014   / 5295 views


Sunbathing Cat Timelapse

Posted in Videos » Cute 13 Nov 2013   / 3857 views

There's a three-hour long sunspot on the bed and the cat is taking the most of it doing nothing but sunbathing.


Russian Laziness Lvl 80

Posted in Videos » Funny 9 Oct 2013   / 5835 views


And the 'Lazy Ass' Award Winner of the Year Is...

Posted in Videos » Fail 4 Oct 2013   / 6198 views

... this USPS driver. C'mon, seriously?!



The Human Hoist: the Perfect Tool for the Lazy

Posted in Videos » Technologies 20 Dec 2012   / 9287 views

Ok, it’s also just great for handicapped people, mechanics… but the lazy ass that I am wants one to do… well… you know… stuff!


Angry and Lazy Couriers Compilation

Posted in Videos » WTF 25 Oct 2012   / 4235 views


So Damn Lazy. Part 2 (48 pics + 2 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 20 Jul 2012   / 13815 views

Previous part:

So Damn Lazy (39 pics)


So Damn Lazy. Part 2

Lazy Goat and Big Big Wolf Soccer War

Posted by in Games » Puzzles & Skills 19 Feb 2012   / 902 views

Lazy Goat Sleepwalking 2

Posted by in Games » Brain Games 13 Feb 2012   / 715 views

So Damn Lazy (39 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny 6 Feb 2012   / 27162 views

These pics show how laziness can be taken to a whole new deplorable level.


So Damn Lazy

The Laziest Cat Ever (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 23 Dec 2011   / 6018 views

This is the laziest cat I’ve ever seen. You can do anything with it, and it won’t mind.


The Laziest Cat Ever

Beautiful Lazy Summer Day Photos (39 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 23 Jul 2011   / 16898 views

The summer can bring out the kid in all of us, and can also provide gorgeous landscapes for photo opportunities. Sit back, relax and take in these artistic summer images.


Beautiful Lazy Summer Day Photos

A Hit On The Internet (19 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Dec 2010   / 6751 views

Meet fat cat Giuly. She is the latest Internet sensation. Her owner, Chiara Bagnoli from Florence, Italy, uploaded her pictures to the Internet and they a became the hit. The cat loves to pose for the camera, is very playful and very lazy, but not necessarily healthy…


A Hit On The Internet
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