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How Not to Refill a Lighter (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Fail 18 Mar 2015   / 4245 views


Useless Yet Awesome Zippo Lighter Tricks (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Funny 4 Aug 2014   / 4805 views


Meanwhile, in WTF Land: Japanese Ad for USB Lighters

Posted in Videos » WTF 4 Sep 2013   / 3357 views

Yeah, only in Japan...


This Is Why You Don’t Use a Lighter at a Gas Station

Posted in Videos » Stupid 15 May 2012   / 7053 views

Trying to look at something into the gas tank with the help of a lighter is clearly the dumbest thing to do at a gas station.


Explosive Methanol Lighter (8 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome 13 Apr 2011   / 7088 views

Be careful around gas flames with this actual 1930s circa lighter or you might just blow up something or someone. These types of wood alcohol lighters can burn for up to 10 days and were available for purchase from the 1920s to the 50s.


Explosive Methanol Lighter

Cell Phone with a Secret (6 pics)

Posted in Pictures 8 Sep 2010   / 11961 views

Modern cell phone manufacturers would do anything to make people buy their products.


Cell Phone with a Secret (6 pics)

PSP of a Size of a Cigarette Lighter? (4 pics)

Posted in Pictures 27 Oct 2009   / 7512 views

Honestly, at first I thought that they already started to produce miniature PSPs and that it would be impossible to play on such a little game console, but it is not like it looks like.
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PSP of a Size of a Cigarette Lighter? (4 pics)

Loser of the day (3 pics)

Posted in Pictures 27 Aug 2009   / 9483 views

This girl could become a living anti-tobacco advertising…
Let’s start from the beginning.
This English woman in a club Arsenal T-shirt was sitting at the sea and wanted to smoke.
At this moment, the lighter fell down between two rocks.
The girl went down to get it but slipped and… got stuck there between those rocks.
Imagine, head down, her ass and legs up.
All this could be funny but there was a danger of a big tide flooding these rocks.
Luckily for the girl, she wore pink socks that day and one passerby noticed them.
He called the rescuers and everything ended well.
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Loser of the day (3 pics)