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People Who Excel At Their Jobs (30 gifs)

Posted in Gifs 16 May 2016   / 9447 views

Incredible Cosplay Examples from the Masters! (101 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Hobby 8 Nov 2012   / 27440 views

These people take cosplay to a higher level with their remarkable transformations in the name of cosplay.


Incredible Cosplay Examples from the Masters!

Masters of Photoshop (20 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop 27 Feb 2012   / 53153 views

They create their ridiculous masterpieces using all the might of Photoshop and MS Paint.


Masters of Photoshop

Masters of Disguise. Part 3 (14 pics)

Posted in Animals 17 Aug 2011   / 7143 views

Wildlife photographer Alex Hyde uses his years of scientific training in biology photograph camouflaged creatures. He is trying to provide insight to people about the problems animals have that have to depend on camouflage to survive.


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Masters of Disguise. Part 3

Pain-Masters of Transportation (52 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 15 Jul 2010   / 18537 views

Responsibility and accuracy are two main keys that help delivering transportation cargos on time and intact. However, these pain masters of transportation probably never heard about the key rules.


Pain-Masters of Transportation (52 pics)

Young Palestinian Masters of Martial Arts (18 pics)

Posted in Pictures 27 Nov 2009   / 7245 views

Palestinian children are trained force of will, walking on knives and broken glass at the martial arts club in Beit Lahia.
I can’t even imagine what they will be able to do later ))

Young Palestinian Masters of Martial Arts (18 pics)

Masters of Balancing (20 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 23 Nov 2009   / 5415 views

By looking at some photos, it seems it is unrealistic, but these are real balancing acts n_sm_19
And I recommend you to see the post about Bill Dan and his perfect balance of stones.

Masters of Balancing (20 pics)

Overexcited Dogs Welcoming Home Their Masters (4 videos)

Posted in Videos 18 Nov 2009   / 5824 views

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Masters of parking (42 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 10 Sep 2009   / 13686 views

To park a car is not that easy, but it is still an art to be able to park your car like this!! How do they do that? ;)

Masters of parking (42 pics)

Masters of car tuning (65 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars 31 Jul 2009   / 23306 views

The guys have found a rusty abandoned Toyota Celica 1984 and restored it to its original form.
They have made a huge work, it shows that guys are not only the real masters but that they also love doing it wink

Masters of car tuning (65 pics)